Little Ghouls Late Night Halloween Party

Little Ghirls just wanna have fun!

Little Ghirls Late Night Party

Every October my daughter asks when her party is. It’s not her birthday, but we have had a Halloween party every yea,r and it seems if we miss one, things will never be the same! I ask myself if I really want to host another kids party, and of course she always wins, when she gives me the “PRETTY PLEASE” look! I gave in and I really enjoyed putting it together!

Frightfully cute invite

A little frightful but mostly just plain cute!


I asked myself what do little girls really like! Ribbons and bows and some sugar and spice with everything nice? This Halloween party turned into a fun and truly Ghirly late night party! Candy corn became my inspiration and I fell in love with the color scheme and cute decor. Bright orange, yellow, and white were my colors and it all fell together so nicely!

Table Setting fit for a Ghirl!

I love when I can gather a few things I already have on hand and create an awesome table setting. My goal was to keep things simple because life has been so hectic for me lately and financially I just can’t go out and buy all the cute stuff displayed in stores. So this is when I get creative and my frugalness becomes practical and quite fun!

Ghirly Flower

As a gift we made white daisy hair clips for each of our guests. They fit perfectly with our themed colors too!

Two in one – Name tag and take home treat

These were such a cute idea I used it as a name tag and party favor! Inside I place some homemade sugar cookies or you can drop in a handful of candy to take home for later!

Cookie Pop

These were so much fun to make! It’s a cookie on a stick!

Ribbons and Bows

Nowadays there is so much you can do with a pumpkin. Carving your pumpkin is an old tradition that I still enjoy every year but this time I decided to turn ours into a Ghirly centerpiece!  I used ribbons and bows and made a pretty darn cute pumpkin.

Kids Menu

Every kid loves pizza! So this simple dish was a great kid party food, and if you’ve noticed, it does have the shape of a candy corn AND the colors too! My husband thought I was silly for even thinking this, but I think it’s kinda fun. I also threw in a bowl of cheese balls and popcorn.

Witches Brew

To keep with the color scheme I filled their glasses with 1/2 tropical mango juice and 1/2 sprite! I placed a spider on the rim and let the party begin!

Frightfully Sweet Treats

These were super cute and easy to make! The spiders are actually mini cupcakes frosted and sprinkled with shaved chocolate. The eyes are chocolate chips and the legs are tootsie rolls so it’s ALL edible! The spiderwebs are ALL white chocolate…YUM!

Caramal Apple Pops

Sometimes those BIG caramel apples are just too much for little ones to eat all by themselves, so these caramel apple bite size treats were fun to make and did not last very long at the table!

Sugar Cookies with a candy corn twist

Instead of cutting out my sugar cookies in the traditional candy corn shape to match my party theme, I just cut out some circles and designed them with my theme colors!

Trick o’ Trick Bar

I used this for my last Halloween dinner. I thought it was a great idea for adults, so I knew it would be a must for kids! And of course they loved it. What kid would pass up a chance to fill their own bag with loads of candy!

Ghirly Fun!

Candy Necklaces

This activity helped us wait patiently for all of our guests to arrive.

Caramel Corn and a Halloween Story

Instead of a movie I opted for a fun Halloween book. Most of the time I put in a movie and within a few minutes the kids lose interest and are bouncing around the house. So I thought a book would be simple, short, and sweet! They loved it, especially one that is interactive. Remember these are 5 and 6 year olds!

Dancing Divas

Dancing is a must at our house, so with a little Halloween music, the divas took the stage!

And lastly, the Costume Awards go to…..

I made some simple, fast, and cute awards for our little ghirls! Heidi has quite the paper punch selection, so with some simple scrapbook paper, I made some very cute Halloween awards!

Hope your Halloween party


and your guests have

a SCREAMING good time!

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