You found us! We’re excited to share with you some of our life’s celebrations made simple! We girls love to party! Our biggest complaint is that there are just not enough days or time in the month to celebrate all of life’s memorable moments, especially during the hectic holiday season. However, we’ve managed to make time for a few once in a life time moments, and hopefully even make some new traditions!

You might be wondering what makes us different than some of the other party blogs and websites out there, the answer is simple. We are all about doing it ourselves. You won’t find a lot of credits on our parties because we are the planners, the decorators, designers, bakers, and chefs! We believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate life’s moments with style and finesse. So we hope to share our ideas, tips, and even mistakes so that you can Simply Celebrate your Lives too!!

The idea for Gala Gals started a few years ago, with a simple spark of an inspiration, and the ideas haven’t stopped coming since. We’re finally ready to unleash our imaginations on the world, and are so excited that you’ve managed to find us. We’re excited and a little overwhelmed at how that little spark has grown, and hope it continues into a full blown wildfire!

We Gala Gals believe a few simple things, that all of life’s moments are worth celebrating, that anyone can turn that simple celebration into something special, and that with a little money, a little effort and a whole lot of creativity; we can all Simply Celebrate Life!

-The Gala Gals


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