A Thankful Table

It's all in the Details! Setting the Thanksgiving table is the best part for me. I love making it special for each of our guests! It takes just a little more prepping, but like we say 'It's all in the details'! We took a walk and picked some smooth rocks to paint and add to... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Table for Kids

A Thanksgiving table just for kids, big and small! Another great year celebrating Thanksgiving with the family! Heidi hosted this year so her table set up was super cute as usual! Though a few of our kids are getting older I think they secretly like the kids table better than the one set up for... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

These turkey's are too cute to eat! Your kids will love┬átheir┬ávery own! Just wanted to share my lasted Thanksgiving treat! I'm sure the kids will love these personalized turkey cupcakes! Can't wait to see the look on their faces. Use your favorite cupcake recipe. Make your feathers using different color chocolate, half a mini chocolate... Continue Reading →

Manners Dinner Party

A fun way to remind your kids about table manners and dinner etiquette. Manners Dinner Party I've been wanting to do a dinner for Caitlyn and share with her some table manner tips and dinner party etiquette and November seemed like the perfect month to do it. As a family we have lots of fun... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Desserts Week 3

A pumpkin dessert for this Thanksgiving week! Pumpkin Desserts A Once a Week Treat Week 3 My Weekly Pumpkin Dessert Diary Once again I've made it another week...Yahoo! I guess that's why I gave myself this challenge. I knew if I posted for the whole world to see then I must live by it, right?... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Menu and Side Recipes

Here is my Traditional Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes Thanksgiving Menu and Side Recipes Many of my most cherished memories and favorite traditions stem from times gathered around the Dinner table, and Thanksgiving is the best opportunity to create more! I was talking with my friend Melissa over lunch today about our favorite menus and recipes... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Turkey

My Three Favorite Turkey Recipes! Gobble Until You Wobble! So, reality is that you can serve me Thanksgiving dinner on an old hat, and I'd still be happy because let's face it, after family, it's all about the food! After Chris and I were married, we moved a few states away from all our family,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Set a Simple and Elegant Thanksgiving Table Here's my Guide to Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving! (Part 1) Hosting Thanksgiving can be very stressful and overwhelming, but I have to admit even with the stress and hard work, it's one of my favorites! I was recently asked by a couple friends to share some of my... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Desserts: Week 2

In need of a yummy pumpkin dessert...It's right here! Pumpkin Desserts: A Once a Week Treat! Week 2 My Weekly Pumpkin Dessert Diary! My adventure has made it another week... Yay! I cooked down another pumpkin the other day and froze a few bags for a future pumpkin craving. One of my favorite desserts is... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Desserts- Week 1

Need a few pumpkin recipes? Share your sweetness with family and friends! Pumpkin Desserts A Once a Week Treat! Week 1 My Weekly Pumpkin Dessert Diary! Last week my family and I went to the Red Barn to pick a few pumpkins! The Red Barn for those that don't know, is a fun place close... Continue Reading →

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