Who Let The Dogs Out! Girls Late Night Party!

Summer and late nights go hand in hand, especially for a bunch of crazy young girls! For mom, not so much but when I'm given the chance to help plan a party I'm in. Caitlyn is a party gala gal in training. Her ideas got me a little excited so here it is! I hope... Continue Reading →

Top Chef Cooking Challenge Party!

Host a fun Cooking Challenge party for the kids in your family! They will love you forever if they can play in your kitchen for an evening! This Christmas we chose to give our nieces and nephew more than just a wrapped present! We agreed on giving them a memory they could cherish forever. So... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Party

Why not host a Sweet get together this Summer with an Ice Cream Party? Host Your Own Ice Cream Party! Ice Cream happens to be one of my most favorite things in this whole great big world! I have Ice Cream in my blood. ┬áMy grandparents owned a Baskin-Robbins franchise, and so Ice Cream has... Continue Reading →

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