Mummy Madness Halloween Party

We got this party all wrapped up for Halloween!

Mummy Madness Party

Another year and yet another excited reminder about our yearly Halloween Party! Caitlyn has a halloween party every year and this year is no exception EVEN if we just welcomed her baby sister Irelynn into the world a few weeks ago!

So the planning began and in seconds Caitlyn and I were wrapped up in Mummy Madness! Mummies seemed like the perfect idea to keep us focused on a fun Halloween theme.


We make sure our invites always give our guests a peek at what to expect. I just tore strips of paper and aged the edges with an ink pad. Glue onto a card and have fun creating a cute mummy.

Table Setting

I love the party planning process and putting my ideas together by making them come to life! Sometimes the images in my mind are great ideas that work and other times…well they just don’t fit. This party however came together with ease and in not much time.

Wrap it Up

We took the wrapped effect to the next level and literally wrapped our party table with a spooky halloween cloth.

We even wrapped our napkins for a fun place setting. I love Heidi’s free hand writing idea on paper plates and party favors…so I tried my best handwriting for our special guests. It gives a personal touch.

Make those plain chairs fit your theme. Use your halloween decorations like this spooky halloween cloth to give your chairs some mummy appeal.

Mummy Decor

I had the hardest time finding white pumpkins. I knew I wanted them but just couldn’t find any. So I found this super cute paper pumpkin idea that worked perfectly for my party. Once again strips of white paper helped me create this fun pumpkin.

I like naming my munchies. For the most part my guest can tell what I’m serving but adding a fun food name to it just adds to the mummy madness. Here’s a great idea!  I used regular marshmallows to hold my food name signs. However, I turned them into mummies with frosting and mini M&M’s.

Mummy Munchies

There are so many great food ideas out there for a mummy party. We took a few of those ideas and had some fun playing with our food.

Mummy Mix

I made the muddy buddy mix using the recipe on the Chex cereal box . Have fun and add halloween candy to it like candycorn or nuts and chocolate chips.

I bought a package of mini pots and wasn’t quite sure how to use them until I made my yummy mummy treat mix. This was a perfect way for our little guests to fill their pots over and over throughout the party.

Yummy Mummy Drink

A simple juice box became a yummy mummy drink. Once again strips of torn paper, aged with an ink pad were wrapped around these boxes for another cute mummy idea.

Too cute!

Mummy Dogs

These mummy dogs are another popular treat. I used mini cocktail smokies and cut my cresent roll dough into thin strips to wrap each smokie., just like pigs in a blanket.

Mummy Pizzas

Our main meal was pizza…pizza mummies that is! I had everything ready for our little guests so all they had to do was design thier pizza…I mean mummies.

Look how cute!

The finished product!

Mummy Pops

Thanks goodness for Heidi! She’s always there to help me out.

Here she used a mummy mold to make these cute pops.

Oreo pops were another cute treat. Just pop in a stick between your oreo, add some melted white chocolate and M&M’s.

Mummy Sticks

Of course Heidi didn’t stop at the pops. She made these simple chocolate mummy pretzel sticks that fit right into our theme.

Mummy Cakes

These are one of my favorites! For dessert I grabbed some twinkies, a container of white frosting and a few mini M&M’s. Look at what you can create. I couldn’t resist and made a coffin out of cardboard for my super cute mummy.

Mummy Treats

Who knew white take out boxes could make cute party mummies. Grab that paper and get wrapped up in this fun party favor. Fill with loads of candy or a special treat to take home.

Mummy Mayhem

Pin the eye’s on Mummy

Pin the eyes on the mummy was a fun game our guests liked and it was easy to make. Cut your cardboard and wrap with some spooky cloth.

Mummy Wrap Race

Wrap some legs and start the race!

Mummy Moves

Put on some music and let the dancing begin. This is always so much fun at our house!

Mummy Photo SHoot

This is another favorite. I love taking pictiures of our guests and sending them a special memory after the party to thank them for coming to our party!

Use a frame to capture that special moment.

My Mummy is the Best

I had to throw this one in. I’m hoping all my hard party planning let’s my daughter know just how much I love her, and just maybe she might speak these words….”MY MUMMY IS THE BEST.”


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