Prom Night Dinner Party

It's become a pattern! Every 6 months to a year I get the opportunity to throw a party. As I get older it seems that this party planning timing is perfect for unfolding creativity and then recuperating from the overload of excitement. When Caitlyn asked if we could host dinner at our house before the... Continue Reading →

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Death by Chocolate Dessert Night

When your Sister 'n' Law gives you an idea and you run with it...all the magic begins! Actually these paper plates and napkins I found at the store started it all! 'DEATH BY CHOCOLATE' I knew instantly would be my theme. What chocolate dessert should I make? What kind of chocolate drink should I serve?... Continue Reading →

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Witchy Finger Fun!

Need a fun and delicious Halloween treat for all your fabulous witchy friends? This is a favorite we make every year. This shortbread cookie is soft and goes great with a hot drink! Shortbread Witch Cookie Fingers 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 1/2 cups confectioners sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract A few drops of green... Continue Reading →

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Western Birthday Party

Before the party Irelynn said to me, "Mom, my dream came true!" She kind of caught me off guard as she finished, "I'm finally a cowgirl!" Well, I'm glad I made the extra effort in putting this all together for her because if all this crazy party prep made her dream come true for one... Continue Reading →

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Nightmare Before Christmas Party

A fun twist for an Over the Hill party just before Christmas. A Nightmare Before Christmas Party My friend Holly has done it again. She simply suggested a great reason to party and look what unveiled! Her husband Curtis turns 50 this year and back in June we talked about throwing him a surprise party.... Continue Reading →

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Mummy Madness Halloween Party

We got this party all wrapped up for Halloween! Mummy Madness Party Another year and yet another excited reminder about our yearly Halloween Party! Caitlyn has a halloween party every year and this year is no exception EVEN if we just welcomed her baby sister Irelynn into the world a few weeks ago! So the... Continue Reading →

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Little Ghouls Late Night Halloween Party

Little Ghirls just wanna have fun! Little Ghirls Late Night Party Every October my daughter asks when her party is. It's not her birthday, but we have had a Halloween party every yea,r and it seems if we miss one, things will never be the same! I ask myself if I really want to host... Continue Reading →

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Witches Retreat

Brew up an awesome Witches' Retreat evening for some much needed relaxation and wicked fun! Witches Retreat October is finally here and isn't it time to plan some much needed relaxation before the hectic holiday season hits? I have a friend who is pregnant with swollen ankles, poor girl! My first thought was a fun... Continue Reading →

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A Thankful Table

It's all in the Details! Setting the Thanksgiving table is the best part for me. I love making it special for each of our guests! It takes just a little more prepping, but like we say 'It's all in the details'! We took a walk and picked some smooth rocks to paint and add to... Continue Reading →

Paint Party

Kids Paint Party This was such a fun summer party. I'm glad I challenged myself to help 7 young girls bring out their artistic ability with a paint party! Poster board, Paint brushes and Paint This was my first attempt at instructing a paint party for kids. Let me tell you that I'm now ready... Continue Reading →

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