Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party

Your Halloween Party doesn’t have to be all Guts and Gore, we added a little Glitz and Glam to this Haunted Hollywood Party!

Haunted Hollywood Party

August2009 921

For this Halloween Party, we wanted all things Classic Hollywood! Think the old 40’s Hollywood Glitz and Glam, complete with Red Carpet, Paparazzi, Stars, and of course Murder and Intrigue.

What better place for a bunch of characters to come party?

August2009 989

The Hottest Invite In Town

August2009 895

We created the outside of the envelope with stamps and embossing ink to create the glittery gold effects…

August2009 904

The inspiration for this Invitation came from the Oscars. We wanted a large envelope reminiscent of the kind of envelopes they open to announce the winners of each category… So we created the envelope with a large square sheet of cardstock, folded onto itself with the announcement inside, and their own VIP pass included too… Sealed with a gold seal of course!

August2009 898

We just had to include popcorn into our plans, so we also delivered bags of Caramel Corn right before the party as a reminder, and to keep people excited and hyped!

August2009 890

Red Carpet Entrance

From the minute our guests arrived, they knew what kind of night they were in for! Of course, I think a few neighbors were a little jealous!

Hollywood Gala

August2009 916

We are all about the drama, and here are some of our best Scenes!

August2009 998

This deceased Director directed our guests down the Red Carpet…

August2009 970

and straight to the VIP Entrance into our Main Party area!

August2009 967

Of course, we have to haunt it a little too!

August2009 973

I LOVE this Vignette that greeted guests as they descended the stairs…

August2009 972

Along the red carpet down the stairs, we framed couple photos from our previous Halloween party for our Wall of Fame! It was a fun addition since many of the guests in the pics were in attendance.

August2009 966

It made for a fun reminder and new keepsake!

August2009 968

What would Haunted Hollywood be without a little Murder and intrigue along our Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame!

August2009 974

When the guests finally made it into our main Party room… they knew they were in for a Four-Star Feast!

August2009 993

Star Setting

Since our party was set in Glamorous Hollywood, we didn’t want just another potluck buffet on paper plates, we wanted a formal affair to remember!

August2009 951

Since we were serving 30 people, we didn’t have enough of the same settings to match everyone. So Patty and I pulled our resources, and we set each place with mismatched white dinnerware, mismatched stemware, and mismatched silverware. It was imperfectly coordinated, and actually looked great!

August2009 994

We tagged each glass with a Skull ring to hold a label with each guests name!

August2009 953

Each setting had it’s own name card that we thoughts were the right balance of glam and creepy. We used foldover cards embellished with black punched flowers, topped with a little red bling. They served a dual purpose too. We had a mixed group of guests, so we thoughtfully placed people next to someone they knew one side and someone they didn’t on the other. It helped stir things up a little too!

August2009 954

When hosting so many, we wanted to keep everyone together as much as possible, so we cleared a room in the basement and set four long tables together into one big U shape for a glamorous banquet feel!

August2009 913

A Little Glitz and Glam

The trick for this party was balancing the glitz and glam of Hollywood with the macabre and creepy for Halloween! So all along, our colors were black, red, and gold!

August2009 921

We had four long tables to decorate, and while we wanted it to feel cohesive, we didn’t want it to feel matchy matchy, so we varied our centerpieces with similar elements. We spread little groups of elements within our theme down the tables to create interest in our centerpieces. We used gold candles, red hurricanes, varied pedestals and holders. We threw little creepy elements in with the more glamorous for a fun effect. We used gauzy cheesecloth down all the lengths of the tables as runners. To combine some glam with classic Halloween, we gilded pumpkins with gold spray paint and gold glitter too! They were some of our favorites!!

August2009 948

This guy was probably our absolute favorite element of the whole party and that is saying A LOT! Patty found old Ken dolls and spray painted them Gold, and mounted them on wood painted black. ¬†Of course, then she had to make them a little creepy, so she added a little “blood.” But I LOVE the knife in his fro, it makes me smile!

August2009 947

Here is a Gold glittered pumpkin by our Concessions area, LOVE it!! We also glittered some Dollar Store Skulls for some more creepy Glam!

August2009 949

We hung some Gold stars from the ceiling, some movie posters on the Wall, and of course created our own “Hollywood” sign… and the stage was set!

August2009 993

And the Oscar goes to…

What is a Halloween party without a costume contest? So for our Best Costume Awards, we had a Ballot Station…

August2009 965

Since it was a Couples party, we gave Awards for Individuals and Couples… Best Themed, Scariest, Funniest, Most Creative, etc. etc…

August2009 1008

August2009 1024

What award would be more appropriate for our Best Costume Awards than our Creepy Gold Oscar!? (I love when party elements are dual purpose!) We even let the winners give Acceptance Speeches!

August2009 946

Now Serving

Our haunted buffet station is all set and ready for all the wonderful food our guests will be bringing!

August2009 914

August2009 917

It’s a Hollywood party! We have to have Concessions, so here is our Popcorn snack station!

August2009 919

We created different food stations around the room to help with flow and traffic and encourage mingling… so we had a Concessions station, Dessert Station, Drink Station, and of course the main buffet area!

Here is our Dessert Station

August2009 957

August2009 956

Mix Your Own Drink

We wanted to guests to get creative and have fun with their drink choices, so we created our own Mocktail Bar…

August2009 922

Besides having some fun with our “Billboards,” we highlighted a couple Hollywood inspired Drinks, and included the recipes to get them started!

August2009 960

Put out some sodas, juices, lot’s of ice, and some garnishes, and you have a simple, but inspiring Mocktail Bar!

August2009 959


The stage is set … Bring on the Paparazzi!

August2009 915

August2009 992

We created this backdrop to take pictures of each couple! We later printed the photos and gave it to them as a Thank You and reminder of our Fun night!

August2009 937

Patty created this cute clapboard with simple cardboard and chalkboard paint! What a great easy way to remember the main details from the Party!

August2009 939

Chris and I interpreted the theme a little more loosely, we came as Bollywood Stars! (and even WON the costume contest for Best Themed!)

August2009 924

And of course, the Hostesses with the Mostesses!

August2009 990

The End!

August2009 1005

and they all Partied Happily Ever After!


5 thoughts on “Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party

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  1. Hi Gals-
    I LOVE the idea for this party, but I can’t see the pictures. We are doing
    this idea in a few weeks for my daughter’s 18th birthday. Is there any way to view them – Facebook, a link, email? I’d so appreciate it! Also, did you create your own murder mystery or buy a kit? I’m having a hard time mixing haunt and hollywood.
    Thanks for your time – love your site!

  2. Hi! I am doing this exact theme for my Halloween party this year and would love to see your pictures!! I would love some ideas! Thank you!

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