Back to School Bash

Get your kids back in the school groove with a fun back to school party! With school just around the corner, I couldn't pass up a chance for a fun back to school bash! Of course my daughter agreed and jumped right in on the party planning. This summer has been super busy, in fact... Continue Reading →

Pink and Orange Fairy Party

  What a cute and girly party for your favorite little Gal! We used Pinks and Oranges to highlight our party inspired by Flowers, Butterflies, and Fairies! Flowers, Flutters, and Fairies The Invitation I kept the Invitation cute and simple. For the cover of the fold card, I printed out my info on Vellum and... Continue Reading →

Japanese Tea Party

Throw a fun Japanese Tea Party for that special little gal! Japanese Birthday Party I tried very hard to keep to my word, but I failed! I told my daughter we would try the 'every other year' birthday party plan and I was well on my way to following through, when this one centerpiece broke all commitment... Continue Reading →

Circus Glam Birthday Party

A little silly with a whole lot of princess! I debated whether this birthday party was more for my own pleasure, or my daughter's. There's a kid in all of us, so when we let go and let that child out, there's no limit to the kind of fun you can have! In any case,... Continue Reading →

Ice Skating Party

Perfect Party for your Little Girl's Winter Birthday! Snow and Ice ... Twice as Nice! When I was planning my oldest daughter's 10th Birthday Party, I wanted something fun but really simple. Her birthday falls in February, and I had been a little burned out after planning the Holiday parties, and had just finished co-hosting... Continue Reading →

Party in a Pinch

Our easiest, simply special Party idea yet!   Party in a Pinch! My daughter's birthday was coming up, and at first I was planning an over the top "Girls Rock" party, but then I realized it wasn't her turn for a BIG party. With four kids, we decided that they only get a big, "friend"... Continue Reading →

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