A Thankful Table

It’s all in the Details!

Setting the Thanksgiving table is the best part for me.

I love making it special for each of our guests!

It takes just a little more prepping, but like we say ‘It’s all in the details’!

We took a walk and picked some smooth rocks to paint and add to our table setting.

Grab some brown butcher paper, a few markers and get creative!

Make it personal!

I thought I’d get the kids table( well a few are mini adults, where has the time gone!) a conversation starter! It was fun to see them chatting and writing down their thankful thoughts and of course it ended with silly drawing to laugh at!

Thankful for you!

Food  can really be the way to anyone’s heart but add a personal touch to the serving table and it makes for a great memory!

Best part is when the party is over you just roll up your table cover and throw in the recycle bin! The worst part….finding room in your frig for left overs!


Happy Thanksgiving









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