I’ve got my EYE’s on you, Halloween Party

I’ve Got My EYE’s on YOU!

Sometimes a simple phrase can open up a can of fun ideas! ‘I’ve Got My Eyes on You’ lead to a quirky eyeball Halloween party. I tried really hard to use only what I had on hand and when you have a stash of built up Halloween decorations, it’s really not hard to pull it all together especially when your daughters say last minute they would like to throw a Halloween Party!



This was the perfect invite for our Eye Ball party. Just lots of Googly eyes….everywhere and on everything! I used sports tape to cover a piece of cardboard and tape the party details on back.

All Eye’s on you at the Table

What better table setting than this for an eyeball Halloween party! My daughter said she had never thought of having an eye ball party and gave me a funny look when I showed her these plates. I won’t tell you what my husbands face looked like, but overall they made me happy so they stayed at the table. No one complained. All I saw were smiles and if I was able to make the kids laugh then that was all worth the silly idea!

Googly Ghost

These simple tissue wrapped mason jar ghosts were a cute and easy decoration to throw together.

Picture Frame Fun

I just added a fun quirky halloween character to my already setting out family pictures and of course some google eyes!

Spaghetti and Meaty Eyeballs

My favorite part was getting dinner ready! This can be such a fun Halloween dinner idea for any night! I made my meatballs then let them cool a little before adding a bit of mozzarella cheese  and olive slices.


Not sure if the kids liked this one because I had to dare the kids to try an eye ball. I used grapes, took the skin off and used a chocolate chip for the center. I froze them and then used as ice cubes for the drink. I think they looked better floating in the drink.


Eye Ball Cake

Couldn’t resist this mini cake for our table center piece. I love using food as part of the table scape so there is less decor to add and you can add some excitement for dessert!


Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

I saw this idea online and had to test it out! Though I only had chocolate on hand. I think next time I’ll try a different color! I blew up a balloon, water balloon preferred, and dipped the bottom in chocolate then placed on wax paper to set in the refrigerator. When set the balloon just peels right off!



Let me tell you though if you dip your balloon too far down to where it might touch the hot bottom of the bowl…BEWARE…it will explode! Yes, I had a big mess on my stove and wall and me and my hair and everywhere! Its now a funny memory for the girls and I!

Popcorn and a Few Extra Treats

When you’re watching a scary movie you definitely need some popcorn!

I just used some of my extra melted chocolate. As you can see they are not perfectly molded to bugs and critters but the kids got the idea when they hesitated to reach in and grab some popcorn!

Eye Ball Pops!

Need a late night treat?

Make your favorite cake balls, add to a fork, dip in white chocolate, add a green spree candy or any color and touch up to get those perfect eyeball effects!


Halloween Games

Here are a few games the kids enjoyed.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun especially when the kids can get up and out and run around look to for clues. In the end the big surprise…CANDY for their movie night!


Spin the Halloween Wheel-O

This was a fun game idea we used from The Holiday Barn. The kids got creative and made up a few of their own!


Happy Halloween!





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