Flannel and Favorite Cookie Exchange Party!

cocoabarTo some party planning can be stressful…for me it’s therapy! It actually helps me relax and get away from all the negativity and stress of  life. The planning and creating keeps me focused on all the good and of course I get excited to share all the party love with family and friends. These past few years I’ve had plenty of party ideas but of course my girls are always the ones that win at throwing parties for their friends. This time I thought it was time to have a get together with friends my age for a change! I stuck to it and I succeeded in following through!

It All Begins With A Theme!

plaidplatesI love when I’m at the store and I come across a set of decorative paper plates that give me a party idea! These plates inspired my Flannel and Favorite Cookie Exchange Party.

With our recent drop in temperatures, flannels were a perfect theme for our Cookie Exchange…and of course Hot Cocoa! I asked our guests to wear flannels and bring 2 dozen cookies to share.



A Gingerbread Cocoa Train!


trainI made this train a few years ago for my husband since he is a Union Pacific Railroader…as if he doesn’t get to see enough trains! I brought it back once again for our Hot Cocoa bar that can stay up all winter long.cocoasign

Just use your box cars to fill with all sorts of goodies…


…and Get Toasty!


Festive Center piece


Cookie Bannercookiebanner

Potato Bar


Put together an easy potato bar that’s fully stocked and loaded for a warm cozy lunch!


Cookie Exchange Display


I love the cookie display trays, tree stumps, that I was able to use to add to my theme!


The cookies looked so pretty! We labeled and numbered each cookie tray so we could use it later for our voting ballots!



This is a great example of where you get so busy as the host putting everything together that you forget the last minute detail to your cookie, the frosting to drissle on top for the presentation. Oh well, know one knew and they tasted just as good!


And the winner is…

cookieprize sacks

I made 4 sacks of cookie mix recipes and of course I had to put in a homemade plaid baggie!

Tasting Mattastingmatbefore

We tasted and voted. It was hard but lots of fun!


Just a few Extra Activities

Gingerbread Decorating


Right/Left Game

I usually like to give out a party favor, let my guests know how happy I was that they came. So I thought I would use this game to give them a gift! I bought a few items that related to cookie and baking: spatula, sprinkles, cookie tray, cinnamon, kitchen towel, cookie cutter…whatever you like. Each guest chose and item and we started the game. Below is a fun story I read to my guests.


The Best Part…


…left over fun with friends!


Happy Holidays!


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