Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Take a trip to Hogwarts…right at home with these fun Harry Potter party ideas!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a fun party at the Maloy household! Caitlyn has been wanting a Harry Potter party for a while and though we are behind the times we finally decided to cast some spells and take a trip to Hogwarts. Florida was on the list, but I talked her into bringing Hogwarts to us!

A few days before the party Caitlyn decided that she did not want a Harry Potter party. What??? She said she didn’t think everyone who she invited would like a Harry Potter themed party! What she did not know was that the past few days I’ve turned into a Pottermania freak!

So with that I convinced her to keep her theme and began the party plans by creating an official Hogwarts acceptance letter as her party invite.

Simple and direct!


She even received an RSVP by owl of course!


Now that Caitlyn is older she was able to help me with all the decor! We used cardboard and paint to create all those fun a Harry Potter signs.


Here’s Caitlyn at work creating her platform 9 3/4.image

I’m sure she is the next Gala Gal in the works!


Every party needs a welcome sign!image

Making wands was one of the party activities Caitlyn wanted to do, so we created an Ollivanders shop sign! Plastic black table cloths became our curtains.image

Remember the wand chooses the wizard!image.jpg

Each guest painted their own wand. We used chopsticks and added designs using a glue gun.image


The little details that our guests, true Harry Potter fans, noticed!

Flying keys!image

Free Invisibility Cloaks!image

Caitlyn had the idea to make every guest choose their house out of a hat. The kids loved this and were cheering and booing as their house name was called! Gryffindor!image

Dinner at the Hogwarts dining table!image

Simple set up with black, silver and gold!image

Candles galore!image.jpg

And those floating candles….yup, toilet paper rolls! We dripped wax along the edges.image

Dinner is served!

My hubby thought we were crazy but we loved the name!!!

Herwieners and Magical Beans! Chili boats!image

Herbology Bites!!!image

Not a Harry Potter party if you don’t have butter beer!image

….or Polyjuice Potion!image

Honeydukes Treats!

Fizzing Whizzbees, Acid Pops, Troll Boogers, Liquorice Wands, Bertie Botts Beansimage


Pumpkin Pastries!image

Potions class!

Our friend Chelsea made this amazing potions kit with spells and all!! Actual experiments that Caitlyn can try out!!

She loved it!!! I loved it!!!image


 We even had a potions class and tried out some of those spells!image

Flying Broom class with Madam Hooch, aka Chelsea!image

Pick up brooms! Just like the the game pick up sticks.image

 Bean Boozled! A great Harry Potter party game!


It was so much more entertaining to watch than to try out yucky jelly beans!

 Finally, everyone needs an Azkaban Prison pose!

Have you seen this wizard?


Happy Pottermania Planning!!

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