Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Birthday Party Take a trip to Hogwarts...right at home with these fun Harry Potter party ideas! It's been a while since we've had a fun party at the Maloy household! Caitlyn has been wanting a Harry Potter party for a while and though we are behind the times we finally decided to cast... Continue Reading →

Over the Hill Rugby Party

  Here's an Over the Hill party for a Rugby fan! Another Surprise party for the Gala Gals! The surprise makes it so much more fun when putting the party together because their is no expectations just pure surprise and appreciation! That's just what I got from the Adams family. When my friend asked me... Continue Reading →

Pink and Orange Fairy Party

  What a cute and girly party for your favorite little Gal! We used Pinks and Oranges to highlight our party inspired by Flowers, Butterflies, and Fairies! Flowers, Flutters, and Fairies The Invitation I kept the Invitation cute and simple. For the cover of the fold card, I printed out my info on Vellum and... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Before Christmas Party

A fun twist for an Over the Hill party just before Christmas. A Nightmare Before Christmas Party My friend Holly has done it again. She simply suggested a great reason to party and look what unveiled! Her husband Curtis turns 50 this year and back in June we talked about throwing him a surprise party.... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Movie Night

Get the movie rolling with a fun summer night birthday party! Movie Night Birthday Party Party Co-Planner: Holly Wright The best thing about the Gala Gals is sparking inspiration in others as they plan their celebrations. It's so much fun to watch them get excited over those simple details and then think beyond the box... Continue Reading →

Japanese Tea Party

Throw a fun Japanese Tea Party for that special little gal! Japanese Birthday Party I tried very hard to keep to my word, but I failed! I told my daughter we would try the 'every other year' birthday party plan and I was well on my way to following through, when this one centerpiece broke all commitment... Continue Reading →

3 for 1 Asian Theme Party

Tackle three parties with one centerpiece! February was a busy month. Party plans were back to back, and I was a little worried I wasn't going to be able to pull it off by making each celebration special for my family. I was on the verge of just putting the party details in my Gala book of... Continue Reading →

Blue and Brown Mod Birthday Party

Shhh...It's a Party! A blue and brown mod theme for all sorts of parties! Heidi was over for dinner one night and was talking about how she would rather celebrate a 1/2 birthday, than a December birthday. The month of December is just too busy with things like work parties, school parties, family activities, shopping,... Continue Reading →

iCaitlyn Birthday Party

Celebrate your little gals birthday with an iCarly theme! iCaitlyn Party My daughter, Caitlyn, loves to watch the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. In fact, Daddy and Mommy enjoy watching it too! So, some nights we sit together and watch a few episodes and laugh our bums off at the silly things they do. Caitlyn had already... Continue Reading →

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