Simply Celebrate Life!

About Patty

Hi! I’m Patty, and I’m super excited to finally spread the word about the Gala Gals. A year ago, my party side kick and SISTER-in-law were just shooting the breeze about fun party ideas and look where it’s lead us.

My husband, Sonny, and daughter, Caitlyn, have been there every step of the way with loads of motivation, plenty of inspiration, and lots of patience.

Party planning has become such a big part of my life! I’m not saying I have a party planned every weekend, but this passion has really helped me figure out ways to “Simply, Celebrate Life” in the most fun, frugal, and practical ways. This is were I found my niche. I love creating and watching a new idea explode into endless possibilities, and this is where my connection with Heidi soars high. I’m glad I get to work with someone who shares my same passion and can take a single object and turn it into a rage of ideas. I’m looking forward to watching the Gala Gals grow, so check back often, as we improve and flourish in the coming months, and share fun new ways to celebrate all of life’s memorable galas!

To contact me, you can email me at

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