Prom Night Dinner Party

It’s become a pattern! Every 6 months to a year I get the opportunity to throw a party. As I get older it seems that this party planning timing is perfect for unfolding creativity and then recuperating from the overload of excitement.

When Caitlyn asked if we could host dinner at our house before the Prom dance I could feel the excitement escalating. After I officially received the final plan I could instantly envision it all and dug through my party stash!

I really wanted it to be simple yet elegant and romantic for this group of fun teenagers. Thomas said ‘romantic’ was not a theme. Well let me tell you, you can make a theme out of anything you desire! So I gathered all my lights and candles, threw in gold and black and dimmed the lights for a romantic, dreamy ambiance. Thank you Thomas!

For easy cleanup I ordered fancy plastic dinner ware that looked like real china! The utensils on the other hand looked great but when you serve steak and chicken the forks had a hard time holding up. These are the party memories that make the evening memorable and when they come up and ask, “Ummm, can we get a few metal forks?” you just laugh and hold those moments close to heart.

A mini Martinelli’s sparking bottle gave their dinner setting a personal touch.

If you don’t have a collection of fancy glasses on hand and you want a few, run to the dollar store. They seem to always have a variety of fancy drinking glasses. I already had a handful of flute glasses on hand, why? well why not, so I only had to pick up a few more. You can’t beat that for a $1.00

The food! I really think that’s what completes the details in the party decorations. We started by serving a mixed green salad and mozzarella sticks as an appetizer. I had the hardest time deciding between a baked potato or mashed potatoes. Well, Heidi made up my mind by simply suggesting a twice baked potato, the best of both potato worlds!

So we served a choice of Grilled Chicken or Steak and put dad the ‘grill master’ to work!

We added a side of roasted veggies, a twice baked potato and roll.

When you have a tub of sheer white material, you need to put it to good fancy party use! I had enough Christmas lights and sheer material to give the dinner area a whimsical dreamy backdrop.

Pictures don’t seem to do justice on the REAL mood of the party!

Dessert! I love decorating and displaying a dessert table. It’s saving the best for last even if you’ve ate too much and don’t have room for dessert. The way you decorate the dessert table makes it irresistible even if its just a bite!

The best part in my book is seeing the look on the guest faces. It makes all the time and effort put in worth it! It’s seeing their reaction to all the party details and feeling content that you’ve made their day with that single moment. Look at the expressions on their faces! Loved it! Their excitement made my day compete!

Happy Prom Dinner Party Planning!

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