Western Birthday Party

Before the party Irelynn said to me, “Mom, my dream came true!” She kind of caught me off guard as she finished, “I’m finally a cowgirl!”

Well, I’m glad I made the extra effort in putting this all together for her because if all this crazy party prep made her dream come true for one day then I’m definitely one happy momma!

A cowgirl party is what she wanted so with that the planning began and everything seem to fall into place. A backyard rodeo with music, dancing, games, grub and friends made Irelynn one happy cowgirl!

When her guests arrived they each got a cowgirl name and mustache.

TEXAS DALLAS WEST was Irelynn’s name!

Silliness makes for the best parties!

I love making a party real but whimsical!

Give me some cardboard and I can give you some smiles, cause I know these signs are not perfect but I think that’s what makes them party worthy for a group of kids!

These horses were not just decorations but one of our fun games.

Horse barrel racing!

Look at the determination on these cowgirl faces!

A few games like Barrel Horse Racing, Shoot Out and Can Toss Alley makes for some fun action.


I secretly asked my friend who happens to be a cowgirl at heart, to come and sing a few songs. I’m so glad she was able to surprise Irelynn because the girls had a great time singing and dancing.

Aleesa we LOVE you and your Cowgirl self!

Music really does make everything better…

Oh and cake and sweets do too!

There is always a favorite for me at each party I put together. These chocolate dipped Pringles, topped with a rolo candy is the meaning of the saying ‘LOVE is in the details’!

A little time consuming and messy but super easy to put together.

See what a detail can do! She is all smiles!

A watering’ hole is definitely needed after all that party action!

One of our last activities was panning for gold!

That was the only way these cowgirls could get their bag of treats party favor! Five pieces of Gold was all they needed to buy their $ bag.

They found their gold!

A brown or white paper bag makes for a great money ‘treat’ bag and party favor!

And that’s it folks!


I saved the best for last…

Just a few of our WANTED cowgirls!

We also had a few cowboys too!

I even made Dad and Big sister join in on the fun!

Caitlyn makes it seems like I MADE her do this…but she really was trying her best at a mugshot!

Happy 9th Birthday Irelynn!

We love you and glad we made your dream of being a cowgirl for a day!

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