Paint Party

Kids Paint Party

This was such a fun summer party. I’m glad I challenged myself to help 7 young girls bring out their artistic ability with a paint party!

Poster board, Paint brushes and Paint

This was my first attempt at instructing a paint party for kids. Let me tell you that I’m now ready to try this party with a few adults because if a bunch of hyper, short attention spanned cute girls can paint happily I’m sure a few of us adults can do the same….I would hope!

You can purchase canvas boards at the craft store but since this was a test I just grabbed a few Dollar Store thick poster boards and cut them in half.


With Patience Comes Great Things

“What are we doing? My line is not right! I don’t get this!” These were all the statements I heard as we started painting. But with patience, especially on my part, I was able to see a change in their attitude as their ‘beach’ theme unfolded.


A fun treat can always liven up any party! These sea and ocean themed cupcakes were perfect and super easy. Make your cupcake, add your ocean blue color frosting, crush a few graham crackers for sand and use a chocolate mold to make starfish or seashells.

This is a simple and fun way to theme your paint party. I think for my adult paint party I will add a few appetizers, drinks and of course a delicious dessert!


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