Winter ‘Frozen’ Party


If your kid is a Frozen fan here’s a fun and easy party to pull together quickly!

Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and gave in to a ‘Frozen’ themed party! It really wasn’t my intention, honestly but then ‘BAM’ the night before Caitlyn’s friends from school were coming over my party mode switch kicked in and I was on a mission!


So an ordinary day of having  a few friends over for a late night turned into a surprise birthday party for Caitlyn! I figure I better take advantage of all the silly Disney princess party craziness before my baby is saying she is too old for that kind of stuff! She’s turning 9!!! Time sure does fly. Believe it or not I hadn’t seen Frozen before this party, so I had no ideas on what to do, other than I knew I wanted it blue and sliver and of course that silly snowman! So, the amazing friend Pinterest helped me plan a few party ideas, because I was for sure keeping it simple since I only had 24 hours to plan!


As soon as she went to bed I raided my kitchen cabinets for anything blue or silver! Boy was I glad I had enough on hand to pull this together, for 4 girls! Caitlyn wanted a whole gang of her friends but I also needed sanity so with only 4 place setting, she was only allowed to invite 1 extra friend, and of course cousin Claire won!


The evening before I made that crazy decision to surprise her I made a cake and cookies. Caitlyn helped me and the whole time she thought it was for a friend at work! I’ve had this colored layered cake idea on my mind for a while and this was the perfect time to try it out!


I couldn’t wait to cut into it to see the layered blue colors!


Look how pretty!

Olaf was quite the hit for these girls and it made my simple ‘Frozen’ themed party table come together just right!


I did my best to make Olaf look good..for a sugar cookie that is! His arms were  rolled up tootsie rolls. Each place setting got  Olaf parts so our guests could put him together!


After finally seeing Frozen, I must say Olaf was my favorite so I’m glad I threw him on the table!


I couldn’t understand why Claire would piece him together like this and after I saw the movie I of course understood her vision!

Birthday Banner


A few paper doilies became Caitlyn’s birthday banner! Too bad I don’t have a Cri-Cut for that perfect letter cut out! Oh well, she loved it just the same!

Elsa’s Elixir


There had to be a blue drink! Who wouldn’t want a little bit of Elsa’s powers!

Poor Olaf


When I saw this idea online, though I didn’t quite get it I thought it was super cute and of course an easy way to through in some snacks! Again after seeing the movie it all clicked and now I want my own little Olaf!


Party Favors


These mugs have been sitting in my buffet shelves for over a year! I’ve been wanting to do a winter snowman party for a while and just never got around to it! But I’m glad they lasted for this party. We all need Hot Cocoa on a winter ‘Frozen’ day and the girls were excited to take theirs home!

Late Night Girly Stuff!


These girls love their nails done so I gave them a variety and let ’em go at it!


They each got their own fuzzy socks too!


Late Night Movie


Popcorn, sweet treats and a movie to end the night!

Guess which movie? Yup Frozen! I finally got to see it and all the 24 hour party planning made sense!

Where did it get the movie? Shhhh I’m not telling!

I hope I’ve inspired you to throw your very own Winter ‘Frozen’ Party!


Happy 9th Birthday Caitlyn!

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