A Thanksgiving Table for Kids

A Thanksgiving table just for kids, big and small!

Another great year celebrating Thanksgiving with the family! Heidi hosted this year so her table set up was super cute as usual! Though a few of our kids are getting older I think they secretly like the kids table better than the one set up for the adults, so therefore I’m only sharing our ‘Thanksgiving Table for Kids’ idea.

A Thanksgiving Table for Kids

Heidi used traditional fall colors.

She layered yellow and orange paper plates and centered with a fun handmade turkey for a guest tag.

The best part is that the kids get to set the table…so we will not be picky about the fork being on the wrong side of the plate, right!

Turkey Tags

The kids actually had fun making these the night before.

If you love scrapbook tools like Heidi does then you probably see how this turkey came together. She used a variety…I literally mean a whole basement variety of punches to create this cute turkey!

Cute Turkey Cupcakes

I volunteered to make turkey cupcakes and it all came together so well. Great minds think alike, right!

These cute turkey treats were so much fun to make. They could even be guest name tags for seating.

Wrap Up the Table

Wrapping paper became Heidi’s table cloth. I love the color and pattern for this theme and since she said she doesn’t wrap much presents for fall, this pattern worked well for a disposable table cloth. Smart and useful thinking Heidi!

The Hosts

 Thanks Chris and Heidi for an awesome Thanksgiving feast!

The Maloy’s too!

 Sonny and I love you lots for all the extra special details you put into hosting.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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