Over the Hill Rugby Party


rory surprisepartyroryvs50sign

Here’s an Over the Hill party for a Rugby fan!

rory surprisepartytablesetup

Another Surprise party for the Gala Gals! The surprise makes it so much more fun when putting the party together because their is no expectations just pure surprise and appreciation! That’s just what I got from the Adams family.

When my friend asked me to help her surprise her husband with a birthday party I was ready to start planning. I had a few things going on that same week we planned the party. I must admit I was a little stressed but realized that party planning is my calming therapy, as strange as it may sound. Getting creative and thinking of ways to make it personal and special helps me forget about the stressful events in my life and focus on the things that can bring a smile to someones face!

When my friend did not have a particular party theme in mind, I started with a few questions. What does he like? Sports? Food? Dessert? Music?

Every answer came back with ‘Oh he likes everything” until I asked about sports. The moment I heard Rugby,  his favorite team was the Sharks, and a 50th birthday, the party instantly came together for me!

It was time for a Rugby Match!

rory surprisepartyroryvs50sign

Rugby black and white strips were perfect colors to pull together for a  50th Over the Hill rugby party.

I just used black poster board and a white marker to make my own personalized scoreboard.

When I asked what kind of food he liked, I got the same answer again,”He liked anything”. So I went with a sports theme and put together a fun hot dog bar.

rory surprisepartyhotdogbar

I saw this idea online and since we were on a budget I got crafty and made my own Hot Dog bar sign.

I used a cardboard box to make my board pieces. I painted them brown and added a fun texture and lines to make it seem real, then used a paint tube to write down my hot dog choices.

rory surprisepartyhotdogsign

I’m keeping this sign just so we can have another hot dog party!

Here are all the sides!

rory surprisepartydogsides

A simple set-up but I love how my newly purchased green turf table cover made it so much more fun!

rory surprisepartygreenturf

A regular table turned into a rugby ball field! You can by it by the roll at Home Depot for a decent price and the best part is you can have tons more parties with it….baseball party, Superbowl party, soccer party!

Centerpiece Goal

With my left over green turf scrap I was able to make these squares for centerpieces. I used bread crumb containers to cover with rugby strips and make a rugby goal. I left my squares plain but you can add field marks for any sports party.

rory surprisepartyrugbygoal

This DIY pennant banner also added to the sporty feel.

rory surprisepartybanner

I used 2 1/2 poster boards, white and black to make 6 strings of pennants to hang! Pretty need huh!

rory surprisepartytablesetup

Party Pill Favors

rory surprisepartyfavor

It’s always nice to tell your guests just how much you appreciated them coming. I asked friends and family for their empty pill bottles and look what I was able to make! I filled with mints and added a fun prescription!


Again I asked what kind of dessert does he like and when I got the same ‘he likes anything’ answer I knew I couldn’t go wrong with an ice cream bar!

rory surprisepartyicecreambowls

When I went shopping for ice cream bowls I realized that waffle bowls were about the same price as those plain white boring plastic bowls, so I opted to serve in style. You can eat your ice cream and the bowl too!

We asked our party guests to bring an appetizer or treat and we got these yummy dirt in a cup treats. Of  course I had to make a silly sign to entertain the birthday boy!

rory surprisepartyhoolytreat

Once again I  used my cardboard to create a few fun over the hill road signs. I used tree branches painted black to attach my signs, giving it a whimsical feel.

rory surprisepartyroadsigns'

This was also the drink area. I have designated areas for drinks and dessert because it helps with crowd control…you now those seniors,  they are slow and inpatient when it comes to crowds! Ha, ha!

Another fun party detail were these soda bottle covers.

rory surprisepartybottlecovers

‘Guaranteed to help you forget how much it sucks to be old”

rory surprisepartytoast

A toast for Rory.  A special moment for family and friends.

Our Condolences to the Birthday Boy

rory surprisepartyrory pic

I added a fun framed certificate that I created myself from inspiration online.

rory surprisepartycertificate

I had the family sign it and make it extra special.

Senior Portraits

rory surprisepartyseniorportraits

Every party needs pictures for memories, so why not make it special with some silly props!

rory surprisepartyrorypic

Once again I  used a cardboard box to make these fun bubble signs for guests to write something special for Rory!

rory surprisepartyphotoboards

I had some chalkboard paint on hand and it worked great. All you need is a damp towel to wipe off to chalk on your next message!

Here are some 3D glasses turned into grandpa glasses, along with a silly mustache.

rory surprisepartyjaden

rory surprisepartylakynjenna

Happy Birthday Rory!    rory surprisepartyrorycake

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