Penguin Snow Party

Penguin Snow Party

Penguin Snow Partyinvite

Hurry and start planning your winter snow party before the snow melts

Utah has been getting plenty of snow these past few days so why not have a snow party!

Penguin Snow Partycaitlyninsnowbefore

Caitlyn was super excited, can you tell…OK,  I asked her to pose for a fun article picture. She’s a pro by now!

I actually thought about doing a snow party last year but we never got enough snow around the time I wanted to do it, so today was the perfect chance to throw in a party, yup last minute and it turned out to be lots of fun!


The night before Caitlyn and I whipped up an invite to share. We dug through our scrap booking supplies and look what we came up with.

Penguin Snow Partyinvite

Isn’t our penguin cute!

The inside details read like this:

Penguin Snow Partyinvite deets

The agenda started at lunch AND after daddy woke up (he works nights), because when you get a house full of little girls together, it can be wild and the monster doesn’t wake up too happy!

Penguin Snow Partypartyguestattable

Daddy even joined the party.

Party Penguin Table

Like I said this party was last minute so everything I had on hand I threw on the table. I was actually thinking of planning this party for January, however you never know with the weather so I took advantage of the snow blessing and  had our fun.

Penguin Snow Partylunchsetting

I didn’t get too crazy with the Penguin theme. I stuck to my polka dot green and red theme. My niece Isabelle went to a party and brought home this polka dot tablecloth. It was my inspiration starter and fit so well with what I already had on hand. Why she would bring home a ‘clean’ plastic tablecloth? Well, that’s just the Gala Gal in her I guess.

I love when things work out like they did today.  Just the other day I bought these green plastic plates at Wal-Mart for 49cents!  I couldn’t pass them up so I bought a blue and red set as well, you never know when your party might call for them!

Penguin Snow Partysoupcup

The red chargers and green plates fit right in with my polka dot theme. I added a green ribbon to my drinking cups to make a decorative soup bowl.


We started our party out with lunch and warmed up with soup before playing out in the snow.

Penguin Snow Partygonefishing

Mr. Penguin went fishin’ for some fish…oh and we also had colored fish crackers too!

Penguin Snow Partycaketrayglasscup

My centerpiece is just a homemade cake pedestal that uses a white drinking glass, green charger, red mini baubles and some ribbon.

Penguin Snow Partyjessefishbread

We decided on the fast and simple Top Ramen and fish shaped buttered toast. No kitchen stress for me and 5 happy little girls in minutes!

Snow Fun

We were off to play in the snow.

Penguin Snow Partyfriends

Here are a few games the girls enjoyed before it got too cold!

Find the Ribbon

Everyone closes their eye’s while someone hides a piece of ribbon , or whatever you have on hand, in the snow for everyone to find.

Penguin Snow Partyribbonwinners

Hooray, our winners!

Tug of Snow War

Penguin Snow Partytugofsnow

Snow Ball Fight

Penguin Snow Partyrageansnowballs

Ragean is one serious snow ball fighter!

I had to throw this one in. I asked the girls to make sure to take off their snow clothes outside and leave them on the porch. Well, they did just what I said!

Penguin Snow Partyclothes


Treat Warmers

While the girls were outside playing this gave me time to change the table up a bit for some yummy treats.

Penguin Snow Partydessertable

Everything remained the same. I just cleaned up a bit and added some fun matching dessert plates, cocoa cups, and some yummy treats.

Penguin Snow Partydessertsetting

I actually bought these plates at last year’s after Christmas sales along with the Penguin favor bags! After Christmas sales are AWESOME!

We warmed up with cocoa of course!

Penguin Snow Partycocoacups

I first dipped the rim in chocolate and then added some fun sprinkles…Oh and I found the reusable straws at the Dollar Store!

Penguin Snow Partychocolatepenguins

Each guests  got their very own chocolate penguin…this was another after Christmas sale find this year!

My center piece changed out to a white frosted cake, topped with penguin candy rings.

Penguin Snow Partycake

The rings were another guests party favor.

Penguin Snow Partybeccapenguinring

Silly cousin Becca!

It looks like a great cake, right?

Penguin Snow Party cake2

Well, it was definitely tasty, yet it was a crumple from behind!

Penguin Snow Partybackofcake

Just goes to show that any disaster, well some, can be played off like my tried new recipe that is NOT a keeper!

Here are some other treats I added to the table.

Arctic Circles

Penguin Snow Partyarticcircles

I know, I misspelled it, but isn’t this such a cute idea! Luckily grandpa had just bought these donuts the other day. I’m not sure if he realizes they are gone yet! Thanks to for the fun idea.

Snow Flurries

Penguin Snow Partysnowflurries

This was a simple make ahead treat, buttered popcorn!

Marshmallows for Hot Cocoa

Penguin Snow Partysnowballfight  Our girls were well mannered and we had no snowball fights at the table. It would have been fun to see though.

So there is it! We had ‘Snow’ much fun at our party!

You better start planning yours before the snow melts.

Happy Winter!


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