Thanksgiving Tablescape


Set a Simple and Elegant Thanksgiving Table

Here’s my Guide to Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving! (Part 1)

Hosting Thanksgiving can be very stressful and overwhelming, but I have to admit even with the stress and hard work, it’s one of my favorites! I was recently asked by a couple friends to share some of my favorite recipes and tips for Thanksgiving. I decided instead of just sharing my ideas with them, I would share them with all of you as well. So I’ve decided to do a series of Thanksgiving posts sharing my menu, some of my favorite recipes, my planning timeline, and even a few decorating ideas! So I’m going to attempt to share my ideas for making my perfect Thanksgiving and still keeping it relatively simple.

This first post is all about setting the table!

Kids Table

I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving is where the ‘kids’ table originated. We always have a kids table at our house and it gets just as much attention as the adult table.

One simple project that I decided to make for my Thanksgiving table was these adorable and practical placemats for all the kids. I found a Stack of Holiday Scrapbook paper that contained not only 12×12 sheets, but sheets that were cut into scallops, circles, and all sorts of fun shapes. I used the scrapbook paper to create a simple 12×12 placemat, personalized for each kid! I took them one step further and made a Thanksgiving theme on one side, and Christmas on the reverse. I then took them all to the local copy shop and had them laminated so they could keep and reuse them. The kids loved them, and I have to admit, so did I!

Turkey Favors

I’m thinking of making something silly like this for this year’s kids table too. I found these funny little turkeys on Pinterest from the Party Animal Blog.

Or maybe I’ll make these cute little Place Holders that I found at

He’s so cute, I could just eat him up!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

For the adults table, I wanted to keep it simple and elegant. I am using things I already own to keep it even more simple.

And soon, I’ll share how swapping out just a couple details can take this table right from Thanksgiving to Christmas!


I intentionally sought out this Wrought Iron Candle Holder to use as a multi purpose centerpiece. I looked for one that doesn’t have those little spikes to hold the candles, so I could easily change the toppers, as well as not be limited to candles. I have used it as a cupcake stand, to hold favorite ornaments, mini pumpkins, you name it! For this table, I did simply topped it with some burgundy candles and then intertwined a faux fall leaf garland around the base. I stuck in a few sparkly fall picks from Hobby Lobby to give it a little bling. And that is IT! SO easy and perfect because I’ve used the holder, the candles, the garland, and picks for other decorations and projects too!

Table Runners

I found this wonderful fabric at my local Home Fabric store (I love that place!) on clearance nonetheless. And I let this fabric actually dictate my color scheme and theme for my entire table. I decided instead of making one long runner to run the length of the table, I actually wanted two shorter ones side by side across the width of the table.

To finish these runners, I simply hemmed the edges! So easy and so fast, and so pretty!

If you think you don’t already have something for your table, start looking around you house, I know you do! Do you have chunky candlesticks? a Lantern? Hurricane vase? Pumpkin left over from Halloween? Fill any of those vessels with leaves, flowers, twigs, acorns, even beans or popcorn and they will look fabulous! And don’t limit yourself to traditional Fall colors, a white on white table could be beautiful and elegant. And I just saw a beautiful tablescape with blue dishes and a few orange flowers!

So start looking around with fresh eyes and don’t forget to go look outside too!

The Place Settings

For those of you that know me (or have read any of my previous posts ;), you know I have a small obsession with dishes and all things kitchen! So setting this table was simply a matter of shopping my own collection. I decided to take a cue from the warm colors in my runners.

So I decided to use my beaded Gold Chargers, topped with a mismatch collection of dinnerware in warm yellows, creams, and browns.

Even if your own collection isn’t as large as mine. You can always set a fabulous table with what you have. For Thanksgiving pull out the nice stuff that you are usually afraid of, don’t worry, it will be fine and makes everything seem more special.

Don’t be afraid to mismatch your stuff too! My favorite tip is to use plain white dinner plates and then top them with a fun salad plate.This is a good tip to dish collectors like me, when I find a new set of dishes that I love but can’t justify a whole new set, I can buy a few accent pieces! Yahoo! It’s a lot cheaper (and easier to store) a few extra salad plates (or bowls) than a whole new set of dishes.

For those of you who need to go shopping (Destiny, that’s you!); I’ll give you a hint, the best place to buy new dishes for the best price is IKEA or places like TJMaxx, Ross, Marshall’s.  They have a great stemware selection as well.You never know what you will find at those places, but that’s part of the fun of it!  If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your dishes, this is the perfect time! So many stores are having specials right now just in time for the holidays!

And I know I always love a good excuse to go shopping!

Now go have some fun planning your own table!



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