Witches Night Out


Fun ideas for a Witches Night Out (Or In) With Your Favorite Witches!

Witches Night Out

Gardner Village near Salt Lake City, Utah hosts a “Witches Night Out” every year. A bunch of my girlfriends and I decided to go check it out, and I saw an opportunity for another wicked Halloween party! While all of our entertainment would be to go out, I decided it would be fun to start the night early at my house with some food, fun, and friends of course!

The Invitation

 Setup, Easy Enough for a Beginner Witch

Since we would not be lingering very long, I decided to keep my plan simple. I didn’t set an elaborate table, just set out the food buffet style and stuck to some cute paper plates and napkins.

But it’s still me, so for my basic backdrop, I printed out a free printable online and slipped it into a black frame, set that on top of a remnant of spider web fabric and it was wickedly simple!

Some fun napkins are an easy way to bring in color, style, and even a little whimsy in a very inexpensive and practical way!

 Witch Inspired Menu

In keeping with my plan to keep it simple, I also kept my cooking and menu to a minimum. I invited my guests to bring an Appetizer to share, that was especially easy for me!

What is better on a crisp, cool Autumn night than a hot cauldron of simmering soup? I made my favorite Creamy Tomato Soup because the color is perfect and it’s tasty too!

But to kick it up a notch for my theme, I served it in my Cast Iron Dutch Oven which is the perfect Witches Cauldron. And for garnish, drizzle a little Heavy Cream in a swirl, and then stripe outward through it with a toothpick to create a great web design!

I love the combination of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, so we served our webbed Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Fingers!

 Quench Your Cackle!

To drink, I served up some Blood Red Punch (Sprite and Pomegranate Juice) and for quick decoration, I used some stamps to make some whimsical labels for my serving jug.

To make it a little more fun, I used Martini glasses and Wine Goblets topped with a Spider Ring garnish! It’s my favorite Halloween glass jewelry!


 Bewitching Treats!

The food was simple, but you know I had to have some fun with the treats!

I made easy Witch Hats by topping a Striped Fudge Cookie with a Hershey Kiss glued with a little melted White Chocolate!

Patty made these great Witch Broomsticks! Simply press your favorite Peanut Butter Cookie dough onto a Pretzel Rod before you bake them, use your fork to indent the cookies like usual but making your Broomstick design. Once they are baked and cooled, drizzle a little melted chocolate for the perfect finishing touch!


I LOVE these Witch Fingers, I used a Wilton Candy mold, first with the melted Dark Chocolate for the nails, and then with the melted green Chocolate Wafers for the fingers and set in the Pretzel Rods while still hot. Cool!

Here are our yummy and Wickedly Witchy treats! I had hot water in the Jug ready for Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, or Tea to go with our treats!

We ended up coming back for more Hot Chocolate and Treats after going out, which was a perfect end to our cool Night out!

Our dessert sample plate complete with our Cream Puffs and Chocolate Cream puffs embellished with out Chocolate Sauce web!!

 Wicked Cute Decorations

I kept my party planning to a minimum but used some of my various Halloween decorations to create some Bewitched areas! Think hats, boots, cauldrons, brooms, etc!!

Some other little decorated spaces to catch a Witches eye! My centerpiece was a Iron Candelabra with some leaning candles… Love it!


For some added detail, I printed some labels for bottles, wrapped some vases in scrapbook paper, and stamped some labels for my party favors!

 Fly Them Home Happy

A perfect party favor, a bottle from the Dollar Store filled with Candy Corn and embellished with some stamped Labels and topped with a Spider! Simple, and cute!

 The Witchiest Witches

I wish I had remembered to take a group picture with all my favorite Witches, but a quick one with The Gala Gals will have to do…

  Have a Wickedly Good Time with your Favorite Witches!


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