Puppy Love Valentine’s Party

A fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family ALL day long!

Puppy Love Valentine’s Party

Calling all animal lovers! Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing your family some sweet puppy love. This fun idea turned into an all day celebration and it was a doggone fabulous family party! So check out the fun details and start planning to get those tails a waggin’ for an all paws up Paw-ty!

I love surprising my family with fun table settings and I know they love experiencing them, especially when I get comments like, “What are we gonna do next time?” I planned an all day celebration by using my place setting and table set up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All Paws to the Table

One place setting for three meals. I love when I can get as much use as I can out of one thing! A trip to the dollar store turned out to be a fun fabulous find when I came across these dog bowls. I bought them a year ago, and I knew the idea on how to use them would come sooner or later. The red, black, and white design turned into some fun Valentine theme colors. The more I looked at this table setting, I realized that you could use this for a fun little gals or guys birthday party too!

Checkered paper, a black dinner plate, and that cute doggy bowl entertained us all day long! I tied a red napkin with white ribbon and attached a paw print for each family member.

Doggy Bag

I filled these homemade Valentine treat bags with all sorts of treats…chocolate, conversation hearts, etc. I decorated and attached a wooden bone for them to use as a dog collar necklace. My husband didn’t go for it, but my daughter sure did!

Doggy Menu to Drool Over

This was probably the best part about planning the celebration. Hummm…what could be some good doggy meals? And that’s how I was able to decide what our menu would be. I thought outside the box…OK, I tried to think like a dog or at least what humans think dogs like to eat and there you have it. Some just sounded too good to pass up.


Cocoa Puffs cereal was our early morning treat! When I told my daughter she got to eat her cereal like a dog she looked at me with an ‘Are you serious?’ look. She was ready to chow down and then surprisingly asked for a spoon!

A simple way to brighten up a single slice of toast. Use cookie cutters to cut out all sorts of fun shapes.


Caesar Salad for lunch seemed to taste so much better in this bog bowl. Dog bone bread sticks were a fun treat too, since they fit right into our theme. Use a Pillsbury can of bread sticks. At each end cut a slit and curl the sides in. Make sure to press down so they don’t come undone in the oven. My second batch came out better.

A personal PUP-eroni Pizza was another treat. Just know that my husband laughed at me every single time I presented his meal to him in his dog bowl.

Deep down I know he really wanted to eat like a dog and have some fun!


Our last meal of the day….Beef Stew! Now this definitely looked like something my dog would eat. I was a little lazy and decided since I spent the earlier part of the day making pizza and bread sticks I settled for those all too easy soups from the can. Good old Progressive Soups has a nice selection to choose from, oh, and those leftover bread sticks came in handy!

Sniff-erific Desserts

Valentine’s would not be complete with out some yummy desserts.

Puppy Chow

This past holiday season ‘Puppy Chow’ happened to be the best treat I had! Funny as it may sound, I’ve craved this treat ever since I received some as a gift from a friend. So I was super excited to ask her for her yummy recipe and indulge once again for Valentine’s. Who needs chocolate when you have these things? I know… it’s a personal preference!

9 cups Corn Chex, Rice, Wheat, Chocolate Chex or combination

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup butter or margarine

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

In a large bowl measure cereal and set aside. In a microwaveable bowl melt chocolate chips and peanut butter and butter, uncovered for 1 minute. Melt until you can stir the mixture. Stir in vanilla and pour over cereal, stirring to evenly coat. Pour into a 2 gallon resealable storage plastic bag and add powdered sugar. Shake well. Spread coated cereal onto a wax paper and cool.


Snickerdoodles are one of my husband’s many favorite treats, and since the name sounded so cute, I knew I had to make some.



These were lot’s of fun to put together and best of all … EASY! Frost your cupcakes white, and carefully break your Oreo cookie in half so you can use them as ears. Pipe on the rest and you’re ready for dessert.


Bone Digging Pudding

Layer a cup with chocolate pudding, whip cream, and crushed Oreos as your last layer. Stick a sugar cookie dog bone right on top and you have a simple yet fun sniff-erific dessert your family will dig!

Grrrr-eat Drinks

Rather than just a bowl of water (though I know my daughter would have gotten a kick out of drinking like a dog from a bowl) I picked some refreshing drinks that again sounded too good to pass up.

Pink Poodles

Bringing out the Martini glasses makes my family feel ‘SPECIAL’. You know that face when you tell your children that they can use the pretty glasses, and all you can think is how they are going to break them into pieces! Well, since I only paid $1.00 for these suckers, I didn’t mind as much, and more importantly my family felt the LOVE!

Though this is not the traditional pink poodle drink, I made it my own and used pink lemonade, sprite, a splash of grenadine and sugar. You can use corn syrup or grenadine to run around the rim of your glass and dip in sugar.

White Sniff-n-tails

I had to share this idea, and crazy as it may sound, Bark Vineyards sells these specialty drinks just for dogs and cats. Who knew?! Now if you’re into a few alcoholic beverages, this is definitely a cute one that fit’s the theme. So bring out the Zinfandel (for humans) and hopefully, your tail’s not a waggin’ too much if you know what I mean!

Hope you have a ‘HOWLING’ great time this Valentine’s Day.


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