Party with Peeps!

‘Peeps’ are a Spring tradition, so why not use these sweet treats to plan your next party!

Party With Peeps!

Spring and Peeps go hand in hand. These sweet little suckers can be found everywhere AND for a great price! So, since there’s plenty around with awesome colors to choose from, why not party with Peeps! I bought a few packages of Peeps with no initial plan in mind. In fact they sat around for a few days until my ideas started hatching.

I like simple, inexpensive, and easy; especially when you’re hosting for about 20 or more family!  I think this party serves all three! I decorated with what I had on hand, aside from buying my cheap Peeps, paper grass, and spring napkins. The best part is that this decoration will definitely not sit around and go to waste. The goal is to try and keep these popular Peeps in place before the party starts, especially with kids around!

Hatching Peeps

As soon as I put my cleaned and empty egg shells (that I normally fill with confetti) and my array of colored Peeps together, I had the perfect idea… hatching colorful peeps! How much more Spring’y’ can I get!? With my homemade three tiered display, and these hatching Peeps, I had a fun and easy centerpiece for my guests to enjoy.

Three Tier Display…

Don’t have one? Make your own!

I knew Heidi would have let me borrow her three tier display, but I decided I would try and make my own, and show you just how easy it can be to grab your regular kitchenware and turn it into a fabulous display.

From this…

…to this!

Perfect Peeps Setting

To keep with my ‘Peeps’ theme, I gave each guest their very own brightly colored nest along with a hatched Peep personalized with their name. I used a glass plate on top of my simple white plates and placed a festive spring colored napkin to ‘peep’ from underneath.


These nests can be a fun afternoon activity for you and your kids. My daughter, Caitlyn, had fun dying eggs and making nests. To make a nest, we used a small size glass bowl, but it can be plastic or whatever you think will make a perfect size nest for your party. Brush a little bit of oil on the outside of the bowl and then cover with plastic wrap. Brush white glue over the plastic. Cut strips of colored paper and begin covering your bowl to make your nest. Let dry and carefully remove from bowl.

I didn’t realize ’till putting my name tags together, but their little tiny beaks are a perfect name tag holder!


Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Chocolate always makes everything taste better! I’m sure you can buy chocolate covered Peeps at the store already prepared, but why not have some fun and dip your own. I added some Spring flair to my plain skewers by simply cutting out a paper tulip and gluing to the top.

Cookies and Cupcakes

With kids around, this seemed like the perfect ‘choose your own dessert’ set up.  Sometimes when you have a big meal planned for Easter dinner, there’s just not much room left for dessert, so having an option to choose mini bite size desserts can make your guests end the evening with just the right bite!

Since this is my theme for this year, I’ve listed my recipe attempts below. Check back after Easter to see what I’ve accomplished, and possibly added to my list.

Maybe you can try a few too!

Colored Sugar Cookies

I had to try a few, just to make sure and satisfy the sweet tooth. Our color blended eggs turned out pretty fun. Simply roll your colored dough into long snake like rolls. Line up side by side and roll out to blend together. Cut out using an egg shape cookie cutter or a bunny and that’s it. No need to get messy with the frosting. Just bake and serve!

Spring Colored Mexican Wedding Cakes

Now these are one of my favorite cookies and when Heidi gave me the idea to coat them in colored powdered sugar, I knew I had to make them for this party! Whatever the party theme, dye your powdered sugar to match and coat your mouthwatering cookies.

Mini Cupcake Peeps

by Martha Stewart

I thought these were too cute to pass up and they go perfectly with my ‘Peeps’ theme! Use those malted candy eggs or bubble gum eggs to make those cute mini peeps, and of course some toasted coconut for the nest.

Happy Peeps Everyone !


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