Outdoor Movie Night

Get the movie rolling with a fun summer night birthday party!

Movie Night Birthday Party

Party Co-Planner: Holly Wright

The best thing about the Gala Gals is sparking inspiration in others as they plan their celebrations. It’s so much fun to watch them get excited over those simple details and then think beyond the box and turn those ideas into a whirlwind of excitement!

Holly Wright did just that. I gave her a few ideas and then stood back and watched as her mind began to race with fun party plans. Now believe it or not, Holly planned this party in pretty much a day! Her first initial plan was to surprise her daughter Lexi with a fun 18th Birthday party. However, when Lexi decided to take the party planning into her own hands, Holly pretty much gave up all hope. The day before the party, Holly confessed to her daughter the surprise she was planning, and Lexi gave in to let her mother help with the party. So with just a day and a half to plan, they put their minds together and came up with a fabulous birthday party idea.

Get the Movie Rolling!

The Wrights love to have outdoor movie nights, and so they stuck with their joy and let the movie theme take over. Popcorn, candy, and a movie were of course on the list. Deciding on a movie was the next step and would be a great inspiration for their theme like color, design, etc..

Red Riding Hood

They chose this fun movie, and surprisingly, it fit perfectly with all of their previous ideas.

Here are the colors that fell together so wonderfully just hours before the party started!

Since Lexi loves blue’s and brown’s, Holly’s first plan was a blue and brown theme. Well, a few hours before the party as we were unrolling the Red Riding Hood Poster we knew immediately we had to throw in a little red! What a perfect match! At her concession stand, Holly placed her stack of blue plates on a red charger for contrast. With outdoor events, you’re bound to lose a few napkins in the wind, so try placing a decorative item on them like this heavy rock heart so there are more napkins on the table than blowing down the street.

A Little Sassy Set Up!

I had to play around with these colors. Maybe you’re planning a dinner before the party for the family or with a few friends? Using these same theme colors, try something a little more sophisticated for the dinner table. Heidi and I might just have to have another blue and red party all on it’s own. My mind is already racing!

Admit One!

Since the invite was sent out via e-mail a few days before the party, I decided to create one for all of you ready to plan your next movie night party. This was one idea I really liked and decided to borrow from a previous planner. A movie ticket seemed like the perfect invite to share the party deets.

Popcorn Please!

No movie should go without a bowl of yummy buttered popcorn.


Holly chose to add the candy as well. What a perfect combination to choose from. Guests could either eat their popcorn alone or create a fun popcorn mix with some of their favorite candies. I really loved the mini popcorn machine. Though it was a last minute idea to borrow from a friend, she did not use it but it sure was a great touch to set the movie night mood.

Take Two!

These clapboards were first made for one of our Halloween bashes, the Haunted Hollywood Party. I’m so glad I decided to store them because it definitely came in handy for this party. I used black poster board and white paint to create these clapboards. The chalk removes easily with a wet paper towel so you can use it again for your next celebration and your ‘date, scene, and take’ can be personalized to fit your party date.

Concession Stand!

Holly liked how she could personalize the clapboards and have it fit perfectly with her chosen theme! With only one day to plan, there was no need for stress. What could be easier than a few bags of chips, and a box of pepperoni pizza bites to pop in the oven?

With the issue of time, you would all think Holly would have tons of excuses for not having more decor, or not finding what she was looking for at the store last minute! Well, Holly made no excuses and came home with two circle table clothes when nothing else was left! She told me, “I’m sure we can do something with this.”

Now that’s a party planner! She had some fun brown and blue polka dot ribbon which we used to fancy up her concession table. One roll tied perfectly with a bow around her table down the middle to add some flair. And sometimes it’s the improvisation of making things work that become our favorite details!

Drinks Please!

Turn your boring Soda bottles into fun mood setters. I just used scrapbook paper and printed out a few movie themed phrases. A nice and simple touch for a small party.

Birthday Cup Cakes!

Holly’s girls love experimenting with making cupcakes. I’ve seen a few of their products and they have turned out super cute! I’ve heard they are in the process of exploring the blogging world and sharing their ideas, so when that happens, I will share the details so you can check them out!

Now if you want to stick with the movie theme, here’s a popular idea they tested that definitely fits this movie night party!

Poster Power!

An idea we used for our Haunted Hollywood Party turned this outdoor party setting into a fun movie theater. Check out your local movie theater for movie posters on sale. Holly picked up a few posters for only $2.00!

I had to share this picture though it’s a little hard to capture the REAL thing. You just had to be there! Once again, Holly’s mind totally took a creative turn and she added spotlights to her movie posters!She borrowed a work light from her hubby and worked her magic, or at least made her hubby make her vision a reality.

Interested in the movie screen idea? Holly’s husband mounted it onto a piece of dry wall in case you get those breezy summer nights and hung it right from their front porch with industrial metal hooks. Flower basket hangers by day, movie screen hanger by night!

Party Favors

Heidi and I often joke about how our great ideas come in the middle of the night! Well, this was no exception and came right smack in the middle of my sleep. I thought it would be a cute idea to share a basket of cookies with the guests, just like Little Red Riding Hood did for her grandma! Holly made sugar cookies and sprinkled with her color theme!


The beautiful Jenna (Lexi’s sister) dressed the part and handed out cookies to thank her sister’s guests for coming out and celebrating her special day.

Thanks Holly for Sharing!

Holly did a fantastic job and I am so excited to share her ideas with you. So don’t let this last month of summer vacation pass you by without having a little more fun! Get the movie rolling, and start planning your outdoor movie event NOW!

Happy 18th Birthday Lexi!

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