Mother’s Day Brunch

Celebrate your Mother’s with a Delightful Brunch at Home!

Flowers…. can make your table shine!

These fabulous roses were a gift from my husband(Love you Sonny!) and the inspiration for this party.  How could I not have a pink party with these roses as a centerpiece!

Fashion.…your table with pretty accessories right from your closet!

Sometimes your closet can be filled with fun treasures and ideas that can be brought to the table! This pink shawl became a table runner and fit perfectly into my color scheme! I didn’t have to go far or spend the extra cash on making this table setting special!

Gifts….that keep on giving can be perfect table decor for this special occasion!

Pictures can capture that perfect moment, an instant of complete happiness! On this special day why not bring those memories and feelings to the table and express just how important our mother’s make us feel!

A shot glass filled with lemon drops and a colored egg shell made the perfect beginning home for these mini gift herb plants!

Food….. made simple can be relaxing and refreshing for you and your guest!

If your a mom planning this meal why not make this day relaxing for you as well! Less time in the kitchen and more time to enjoy your guest and special day!

Chicken Salad Sandwiches served on croissants are easy yet delightful. This salad can be made the night before, so all you have to do is fill your croissants and enjoy a mess free kitchen!

A lite green salad and fresh fruit kabobs can compliment this simple afternoon brunch. These sides can also be prepared the night before!

Drinks….in jars are practical and fun for an outdoor party!

My outdoor theme helped me think of using these mason canning jars as glasses! A little ribbon and a fun lime topper made this pink lemonade drink taste even better!

Dessert……..that hit’s the spot!

Strawberry and banana are one of my favorite fruits combined so why not create a dessert dish to highlight their flavors together! Strawberry muffin cakes and homemade banana ice cream….yummmm!


Happy Mother’s Day


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