Memorial Day Celebration

A BBQ blast filled with food, fun and family!

Today Memorial Day is mostly about a fun filled three day weekend and the start of summer outings and tasty BBQs! Well, I do definitely enjoy more time off to spend with my family and will never pass up a tasty BBQ, however this observed day is more than just a summer kickoff! Memorial Day is a time to pay tribute and honor to those veterans who have served our country. Their courageous bravery to fight for our country… to fight for us…is what this celebration is all about! So bring out the red, white and blue and get the party going!

Have you ever been given a red paper poppy on memorial day to wear? Well, I thought since the red poppy has become a symbol of remembrance for those who served and died in the war, why not bring this reminder to our buffet table on this special day! I made a few red poppies out of tissue paper that gave an honored reminder just like the tradition of wearing one can do. I took the time to read the poem that inspired this tradition, “In Flanders Fields”, and I was reminded just why this Memorial Day celebration is so special. Just a bit of history, Moina Michael who began the tradition of wearing the red poppies, was inspired from the original poem and wrote this:

We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.

Do you ever have that napkin blowing away in the wind problem? I do at just about every out door event. I chose a nice flat rock and painted an American flag to fit our theme. This can be a great activity for older children too. I also added a short phrase to the table that helped remind my party guest the reason for this celebration.

These simple decorations were a great table setting for our outdoor BBQ party and buffet table. I once again recycled my tin cans and used them as utensil holders and dessert displays! I’ve been transforming my cans for quite some time and I’m excited to see how popular it’s becoming. So grab some scrapbook paper, wrapping paper works great too, or just paint them to fit your theme and fashion up your cans to decorate your table for any party!

I just love the smell of burgers on a grill! We kept it traditional with tasty hamburgers and hot dogs, pasta salads, BBQ beans, chips & dips and of course corn on the cob! Try a corn on the cob bar! Have a selection of seasonings to choose from to sprinkle on your corn. The fabulous Heidi made a cilantro pesto spread that was delicious!

Sweet Treats!

See what a recycled tin can can do! Chocolate covered pretzels fit perfectly into one to showcase how pretty they can be!

All American mini apple pies fit perfectly into our dessert menu.

Caramel corn with a bit of red, white and blue..YUM! Try serving in cupcake liners. Who said these cupcake holders were just for cupcakes!

Watermelon Sugar cookies…cute don’t you think?

Fresh fruit is always great to have at summer BBQ’s! This time we chose to use them to make some refreshing fruit smoothies! Chef Chris blended up some fantastic drinks for us to enjoy. Thanks Chris for the special treat!

Have a Fabulous

Memorial Day Celebration!

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