Lovin’ Fall

Be in LOVE with Fall!

Lovin’ Fall

Fall may be my favorite season! Everything about it makes me happy… food, friends, family! This time of year helps me unwind and make my home the center of all things. The tempature is dropping and what better place to get all cozy and warm than home. And what better thing to make life grand than family!?

Letting my family know I love them sometimes gets lost in the hectic day to day duties of life. So when I have the chance to really show my love and appreciation I jump on it, and it’s usually at the dinner table. Food seems to make all things better, and when you can liven up that dinner table with a fun theme, it makes it even more special.

LOVEly Setting

What a perfect way to let your family know this Thanksgiving how much you LOVE them. Believe me when I say I tried hard to find a leaf in a heart shape, but here on my side of town, the trees don’t drop hearts like this one.

So I made my own out of scrapbook paper and put together these special hearts. I personalized dessert plates by writing each name in chocolate…YUM!

Leafy Center

After playing around with a few items around the house, I came up with this lovely fall center piece.

A Terra Cotta flower pot and base was just the right color and became a fun platter display. I filled three different sized mason jars with leaves gathered just outside my door.

Cookie Leafs

My goal is to make these cookies and scatter them on the dinner table!

These Martha Stewart cookies will be a great touch to my already leafy table and I will be sure to update soon a picture of how it all turned out!

Dinner Menu

I’ve been wanting to play around with this idea more than once, and look at how fun this can be at your table. I used a gold picture frame, inserted a sheet of black poster board cut to fit, and used my daughters stash of sidewalk chalk to hightlight my dinner menu.

Family Tree Fun

When I mentioned this idea to the family, my daughter of course couldn’t wait to get her hands all dirty. The hubby on the other hand, well he just went along wth it and made us happy. I saw this idea and made my own design for our family. We printed our hands and added five leaves to each hand. I soon hope to frame it so for the next 5 years we can fill in each leaf with an ‘I am Thankful for…’ and reflect on the past as a family.

Here’s another fun idea I put together quickly for a family activity. I threw some twigs and leaves in a vase and once again used my heart leaves to make a thankful bouquet. For the month of November we fill our leaves with things we are thankful for. It makes the season meaningful and a whole lot more fun!

Have a LOVEly Fall!


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