It’s Tea Time Girls!

Plan a fun tea time party for little girls… Just  because!

It’s Tea Time Girls!

Once again my contagious passion has found the likes of a good friend, who seems to be running faster than me at the moment with bundles of sweet Tea Time ideas! My friend Holly mentioned her idea to me just a week ago and since then, I’ve been dreaming about lace, little girls, and lots of lovely tea time treats!

I have to admit I’m not the ‘Tea Time’ party girl, all proper and elegant, yet I’ve had fun learning about it all. Now Heidi on the other hand, can give me a whole list of ideas and thoughts so I made a call and she helped me with a few traditional recipes and I just turned them into my own…meaning something super easy. Though there doesn’t seem much to it, I’ve learned quite a bit about scones, tea cakes, and clotted cream, oh and tea of course.

“Remember the tea kettle – it is always up to it’s neck in hot water, yet it still sings!”

This quote is so true and I’m learning to live by it, like a little girl enjoying the simple things in life by playing with friends and making tea time my cup of life!


Set the mood with a fun tea cup invite. This is a great way to let your little guests know what to expect at your party…a cup full of fun!

Photo Shoot

Holly’s cute idea was to gather a few girls and take some fun pictures of them having tea, you know that vintage setup style with little girls in oversized outfits and fancy hats. She’s been developing her photography skills and hopes to soon have her own business. Once I had that vintage setting in my head, I knew this could turn it into a cute girlie party and with all the girls in our neighborhood, I knew they couldn’t resist!

Here are a few fabulous photos by Mrs. Holly Wright!

If you’re interested in hiring her for a photo shoot, check out her website here

So though this was a photo shoot for Holly, she let me have a little party fun and I’m sure glad she did.

Thanks Holly!

Box of Treasures

Holly had a stash of fun outfits and accessories to choose from.

Behind the scenes!

Nature pretty much did the rest for our setting. It was a perfect day to have tea at a park filled with new and old trees. It made our afternoon appear mystical and ever so magical.

I love this picture!

Table Setting

I love how Holly captured our party setting in her picture here!

My mother passed down her precious little tea cup set to me, yet I was a little skeptical at letting a bunch of sweet little girls use it for fancy dress up and play…you know accidents do happen! If you’re questioning the same, fear not. Take a trip to the thrift store! You can find a variety of tea cups and plates to let your little ones use with no stress if an accident should occur. Now you may not find a whole set but I personally like the variety of different styles… isn’t that life, a cup of whimsical variety!

Party Favors

Party favors are so much fun. It’s a chance for little ones to go home and share their experience, with little reminders of their party adventure.

Tea Bag Treats

I thought this was a perfect idea for a fun party favor and table treat. A tea bag filled with candy…what better way to thank your guests for having tea with you!

Pretty Pearls & Fan Fare

Pearls and girls go hand in hand, so each of our guests were given a pretty pearl necklace along with a homemade party fan to add a nice elegant flare to the party table!

Here’s sweet Jace fanning herself!

Tea Time Treats

“Tea is instant wisdom- just add hot water” – Astrid Alauda

Now you can be very adventureous and try some traditional tea time treats, or be like me and settle for quick and easy, especially when you’re 8 months prego!

Traditional English Scones…. Pop in the oven biscuits according to Patty!

Anything that can be made in half the time, and less effort works for me. Someday I’ll attempt at making traditional English scones and expand my horizons, but for now I’ll settle for instant biscuits!

Clotted Cream and Jelly…. Whipped Cream and Patty’s homemade Raspberry Jam!

The recipe I saw online for Clotted Cream seemed pretty easy, but once again I chose the less stress route and opted for a tub of store bought whipped cream. My raspberry jam however was homemade…are you surprised?!

Tea Cakes…. Super Easy Sugar Cookies!

My super easy Sugar Cookie recipe replaced those tea cakes and no one complained!

Tea Please!

Our girls had a fabulous time. Now that the weather is so enjoyable, get started on planning your very own Tea Parties!

Pour yourself a cup of tea and Happy Planning!

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