iCaitlyn Birthday Party

Celebrate your little gals birthday with an iCarly theme!

iCaitlyn Party

My daughter, Caitlyn, loves to watch the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. In fact, Daddy and Mommy enjoy watching it too! So, some nights we sit together and watch a few episodes and laugh our bums off at the silly things they do.

Caitlyn had already decided she was having a birthday party. “Mom, what are we gonna do for my birthday party?” I tried to convince her that maybe we could just lay low, invite a friend to dinner, and celebrate as a family. However, the more I thought about her birthday, the more excited I was about the idea of having an iCaitlyn party! After watching a few iCarly episodes for inspiration, we were ready to get the party planning started.

iBirthday Surprise

One iCarly had a special breakfast birthday surprise episode. As soon as I saw it, I knew the perfect way to start off Caitlyn’s birthday morning. A simple paper plate setting with a special Groovy Smoothy cup for a Teevo special (He’s the Groovy Smoothy worker!)

Here’s what we had … just like Carly!

Waffle Bouquet

These were a fast and fun way to make breakfast sensational for the birthday girl. Just pop in the toaster and insert a skewer. It couldn’t be any easier. I also had to make the famous Nickelodeon splat with a personalized message.

Fruit Sticks

On our side of town in the winter, good fruit is hard to come by, so I settled for banana and grape skewers. Imagine what you could do with pineapples, melons, and strawberries. If you’re asking now, “what’s with the food on sticks?”, this is another iCarly detail. Teevo, the Groovy Smoothy worker is always trying to sell food on a stick. There are donuts, bagels, even tacos! Donuts could be a fun treat to share too for breakfast.

Bacon Balls & Sausage on a Stick

Carly mentions that her favorite is bacon balls. Coincidence, Caitlyn loves bacon too, so I just rolled them up and yes, stuck them on a stick!

iWeb Invite

Caitlyn and her cousin, Claire, had a blast putting together a web invite. They were so excited to be on T.V as they said (internet it was). For a 6 and 7 year old, they did a pretty darn good job. This was a fun eco-friendly way to share the birthday deets!

So ditch the pen and paper and bring out the video camera!

iCaitlyn T-Shirts

If you’re an iCarly fan, you will understand all the details in this party. If it’s just not clicking, then go watch a few episodes, trust me you’ll get it! One of them is those silly sayings on T-shirts. A regular trip to the store turned into a fabulous find for this party. Don’t you just love when you come across a great find and you don’t have to go all around town to find it? In this case, it found me and I couldn’t pass it up.

Before the big day, we gave each of our guests a T-shirt to wear to the party. I stenciled and painted mine, but you could also try those iron on letters if you’re only doing a few.

I was adventurous and made 12 shirts! Here are a few of the silly sayings.

Maybe Gravy

I Love Bacon

Pudding Patrol


Cheddar My Cheese

Cookie Mischief

Squirrel Farts

I love Pie

1 + 1 = Derf

iVIP Party Pass

When our guests arrived, we had them wear their very own VIP party passes! These homemade backstage iCaitlyn passes were just plain silly and lots of fun.

iParty Table

Choosing colors for this party was super easy. I played around with yellow, blue, pink, and orange. There was no need to go out and buy the iCarly party pack when I could put my own together. Place tags were personalized iCarly signs on their very own cupcake. And of course each guest got some Pop Rocks to try, an iCarly detail. Oh, and gummy bears were another added treat and yes, another iCarly detail.

iLove Spencer Art

Spencer (Carly’s brother) is an artist and a crazy one too. We decided to get creative and make our own art. A picture frame decorated with gummy bears, smarties, and paper punches. They looked good enough to eat. Caitlyn used these to thank her guests. We placed a picture of each guest in their frame, and sent it along with a thank you note.

iSpaghetti Taco


If you watch iCarly, then you know why Spaghetti Tacos were a must on the lunch menu. According to the iCarly team, Spencer makes great Spaghetti Tacos. We didn’t make everyone try it, but offered if anyone was willing to take the challenge. Pizza was our alternative.

For dinner Caitlyn had another spaghetti taco, and tells me as she bites into it, “Ummmmmmm, these aren’t so bad Mom!”

Groovy Smoothy

You just can’t have an iCarly themed party without a Groovy Smoothy! We brought out the blender and whipped up some fruit smoothies for our guests to enjoy.

Here are a few fun names…

Strawberry Splat

Banana Banger

Rad Raspberry

iCaitlyn Games

Random Dancing

Throughout the party we used Caitlyn’s iCarly remote to alert our guests that it was ‘Random Dancing’ time. So throughout the party, whether they were eating or playing a game, I would push the button on the remote and everyone would stop what they were doing and start dancing.

Pin the Wart on Lewbert

I had a hard time finding an oversized picture of Lewbert (He’s the obnoxious, crazy bell man at the apartment they live in) and well, honesty I didn’t really want one because his wart is SCARY! So I  brushed up on my drawing skills and made our own goofy silly man to pose as Lewbert.

Who Am I?

This is a fun game they play on iCarly. Now I know I could have made these cards a little smaller but when you’re in a rush, and the ideas keep flowing at 12:00am the night before the party, you have to take what you get!(Heidi thinks the size adds to the whimsy of the party though 😉

Without looking at their own card, everyone in the game puts a card on their forehead. The object of the game is to ask questions in order to figure out what they are. Since our guests were either almost, or at a beginning reading level, I chose some easy words to start like cat, dog, fish, cookies, hat, etc.

The Chair of Wonder

One of my favorites was this ‘Chair of Wonder’. On iCarly they sat on fudge balls, well, I wanted a little less cleanup and something my guests parents wouldn’t wonder about! Each player is blind folded and the ‘wonder’ item is placed on the chair. The player sits on the chair and tries to figure out what it is. It was hilarious to watch! We used balloons, a shoe, potatoes, a stuffed animal, a soup can, the ideas are endless.

Fun Acting Skits

On iCarly, they have tons of fun skits they do on their web show. We tried a few and the kids really loved the fact that I taped their skits so they could have their own web show later!

In a basket, I placed a few cards with idea for skits to act out. I provided a few props for them to use if they wanted to.

#1 Flying Fairy Cats who are afraid of mice.

#2 Babies throwing a tantrum

#3 Dancing bouncing ball fight

#4 Hula Hoop contest to music


…but we chose a fun book exchange!

Caitlyn is one spoiled little girl. She has family here at home, and family hours away that never fail to surprise and lavish her with gifts like barbies, books, clothes and tons of toys! So instead of MORE toys, we asked our guests to bring a wrapped book to share at the party, and in the end, everyone would go home with a new book to read.

At first, keeping the momentum was a little hard, however after a few attempts, everyone finally received their gift and was so excited to take a present home.

Thanks everyone for making Caitlyn’s birthday so special!


!!!Happy Birthday!!!


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