Hushhh… Little Baby! Surprise Baby Shower

A baby shower for an unknown gender.


Hushhhh….Little Baby!

Planning a baby shower can be lots of fun especially when you know the gender. There are colors and toys that help reveal what the soon to be baby will prefer….pink or blue? It can even be more fun when you can combine the two and have a gender neutral shower! Have your party become a guessing game. Whether you choose to reveal the gender at the party or must wait till Mother Nature calls, we have some fun ideas that can help you plan your next shower!


My initial inspiration can trigger all sorts of ideas, so once I have a theme, I’m ready to dive in and begin one of the best parts (I think)…. the planning! We have two friends that are having babies. Leslie is just about due and does not want to find out- How stressful that has been for ME! Cally on the other hand, is not far enough along to find out what she is having, so our party had to be for either a boy or girl. Well, I found the perfect scrapbook sheets to get my creative juices flowing! Polka dot PINK, GREEN AND BROWN! These popular colors worked great for our mommies!


I had a blast trying to make these super simple centerpieces! Diaper cakes seem to be pretty popular (at least online). If you “google” diaper cakes, you’ll be surprised at just how many sites you can find! Our two cakes were a perfect centerpiece and practical gift for each of our mommies to be!



Decorations made Simple

With my extra scrapbook paper, I made this banner to highlight a little of our party theme. Hushhhh…little baby was a great lullaby to choose since our babies genders were top secret!

Party Favor

I was playing around with the napkins one night and thought this would be a funny party favor to go along with our diaper cake gifts! I was a little skeptical at first, but when my 5 year old said…”Oh mommy, this diaper is cute!” I knew I had a hit! I filled them with chocolate whoppers and a tag that said, “Hope you have LOADS of fun”!


I took my theme one step further and turned our drinks into a guessing game too! I chose a green and pink drink to match our color theme and made a personalized tag to wrap around them!

Food Cravings

I thought it would be a great idea to find out what our mommies have been craving and make our party menu cater to their needs. Cally was craving nachos and Leslie was craving sweets…specifically chocolate covered cinnamon bears! This was an easy way to decide what to serve and satisfy our mommies.

Sweet Cravings

This chocolate bundt cake brought out our brown colors perfectly and satisfied Leslie’s sweet cravings!

Gift Ideas

Since our party title was a lullaby, why not give a collection of lullabies for their newborn babies… boy or girl? Another practical gift for our mommies!

Fun Shower Games

Poster News

Have your guests choose a gender throughout the party and post it on a poster board, one side boy and the other side girl. When the special day arrives, your new parents can post the right gender side on the window or porch for everyone to see the exciting news!

Memory Lane

Don’t forget to take pictures! Create an album for your mommies filled with fun and memorable information that will be cherished for years to come!

Diaper Surprise

We saved about 5 diapers from our diaper cake and chose about 5 chocolate candy bars to melt a small piece on each diaper. You only need a piece from each candy to make a real looking diaper mess!! Pass the diapers around and see which guest can figure out what candy bar is on each diaper. Everyone will get a kick out of smelling, and some even tasting, these messy, yet tasty diapers!

 Happy Showers!


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