Frightfully Fun Halloween Dinner

Turn your dinner table into a SCREAMING good time!

Frightfully Fun Halloween Dinner Party

Halloween is always so much fun to decorate! I love a little spook but just enough to make it entertaining and not too scary! I had some friends over for dinner and thought since it’s October I might as well throw in a little Halloween spirit. A little turned into a whole lotta fun! Check out my frightfully fun dinner party!

Tasty Table Setting

It’s all in the details! I did some detailed work to a few plastic skull rings and turned them into frightfully fun napkin rings! I also took those plastic vampire teeth and turned them into table name tags for our guest. What a little detail can do to maximize your simple table decor!

I also had some fun with my simple white candle sticks. See what a little red paint can do!

Witches Brew

Our witch for the evening wore her Mexican Chef hat and all because of some decayed chips idea( blue tortilla chips that is)! I invited our friends over for a Mexican meal and when I had the idea to fill a bowl with decayed chips(blue tortilla chips) and a skeleton, it all fell together! The menu was complete!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is a great starter and a definite keeper in our recipe book!

A Carnitas meal with all the Fixins’

Carnitas, beans and rice with some fresh guacamole and salsa on tortillas(especially those prepackaged uncooked flour tortillas that you have to heat up on a hot pan!!!) This meal can really hit the spot. It did for us!

Decayed chips with fresh salsa

I loved this idea. A perfect setting for our frightfully fun dinner party!

A Ghoulish Green Drink

I saw this drink once and recreated my own! The kids loved the blood dripping along the rim of the glass(corn syrup dyed red). I filled the glass with 1/2 green punch and 1/2 sprite. Don’t forget those ice cubes frozen with a spider in the center!

Deadly Desserts

Anytime I make this Mexican meal I’m stuffed and never have room for dessert! So I decided to make a few small treats for each guest and let them choose if they wanted to indulge now or save for later!

These bite size mini spider cupcakes were so cute I had to try them out! I used a mini cupcake pan but I think the regular size would be great too! I cut the round tops off and spread with chocolate frosting then sprinkled with shaved chocolate. Tootsie rolls were used for the legs and chocolate chips for the eyes so it was all edible!

Spiderweb Sugar Cookies & White Chocolate Skulls

I really liked sharing a few mini desserts rather than one big dish! After a big meal these bite size treats were a perfect ending to a wholesome meal!

Treat Bar to go!

This was my favorite part. Who doesn’t like a bag full of treats! I placed goody bags along with some fun Halloween candy in a variety of glass jars and vases so my guest could fill their bag full of yummy treats to take home for later! This was a great way to tell my guests thank you!

 Hope you have a Screaming great time!

 Happy Halloween!


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