Firecracker Fourth of July

Get those Fire Crackers popping for your 4th of July bash!

A Fire Cracker 4th Party!

This year fireworks came to mind and that’s what became my centerpiece! Isn’t that why we get together? To celebrate our Independence and enjoy a show of crackling fireworks. We have a BBQ every year, and not much goes into the decor as much as the food prep. So keeping it simple, I made these super easy, one of a kind fire crackers.

Grab yourself some empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and believe it or not, a big fat candle. Dig into a few festive scrapbook sheets of paper or even material, and get to creating some fun poppers. I used skewers, lined the top with glue and rolled in a bunch of silver foil streamers to create that sparkling fire!

Here are just a few fun food recipes we enjoyed at our family celebration!

Waffle With

Red, White and Blue

This seemed like the perfect way to bring in that red, white, and blue to our dessert menu. A friend of mine served a waffle bar at her son’s wedding and I thought it could be an awesomely SWEET idea for any occasion. Well, with a bowl of RED strawberries in syrup, BLUE blueberries and WHITE whipped cream, I think it was a great ending to our 4th of July bash.

Easy Patriotic Jello

Instead of taking the entire morning to layer your colors one after another in the refrigerator for hours before each one sets, why not just make each color individually in their own dish? Then when they are set, just cut into squares, scoop and serve. Easy and refreshing!

Happy 4th of july!

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