Disneyland Party on the Road

Take the Disney party on the road! 

Party on the Road!

Heidi is one CRAZY gal!

I couldn’t resist sharing her recent road trip turned into an all out super fun gala! I stole a few pictures from her Facebook album to share!

Leave it to Heidi to take the party on the road. She did just that, all the way to Disneyland! As if she didn’t already have a hundred things on her vacation list to get done, she adds a few more amazingly cute creations to her Disneymania adventure.

Disney attire

Ditch the princess and character outfits, and create your own family clothing line! Want your own custom Disney family line for your next Disney trip…what the heck, put your order in for Heidi! We’ve been prompting her to open up an Etsy store account anyways, so get her started! Sorry Heidi, you know it all comes from LOVE!

Cute Gals

These lucky gals have one cool Mom/Aunt. With her mad sewing skills, Heidi whipped up these super cute skirts and tops. Creating each design to be unique for each girl. They look so darn cute!

Cooperative Guys

No guy is left behind at this house!

Hair Flair

She went the extra mile and threw in these cute headbands.

Mickey Mouse Ornaments

I guess when you have Disney on your mind, you can become insane or at least insanely crazy enough to make these awesome Mickey Christmas ornaments. A great keepsake to remember their trip.

‘Tis the season, so she decided to make these as neighbor gifts. A fun Santa Ornament… maybe she’ll add Mickey ears?

I’m not sure what the plan is, but a cute family Disney picture would add a special touch don’t you think?

The moment she showed me her Disney creations we instantly thought PARTY! Well, we knew it wouldn’t happen anytime soon, but look at what you can pull together with a little inspiration. Mickey Mouse has been on my mind, and I’m not even going to Disneyland!

Disney Treats



This lady has some really cute ideas. When planning your next road trip to Disneyland, why not make a few of these Mickey Pops for the road, so the kids can munch with excitement and hopefully quit asking,

“Are we there yet?”

These would be a great party favor or yummy treat too!


Now, if you’re planning that awesome Mickey Party? These cupcakes would be a hit! You don’t even need any special Mickey cut outs or Disney do dads, just some leftover mini Oreos from your Mickey pops, whole and crushed, and you’ve got a cute cupcake!

Disney Decor



These cute DIY Mickey party favor bags can also be taken on the road. Load one up for each Disney fan with treats and/or games to keep them entertained on the road.

Lollipop Invite

Pink Hippo Boutique on Etsy invite

I love mood setter invites! This lollipop invite is super cute!

Party Decorations


These creative gals threw these together and I think they would be so much fun as party decorations.


Whether on the road or at home, I hope these Gala Gal finds help make your next Mickey Party a fun one. Happy Planning!


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