Circus Glam Birthday Party

A little silly with a whole lot of princess!

I debated whether this birthday party was more for my own pleasure, or my daughter’s. There’s a kid in all of us, so when we let go and let that child out, there’s no limit to the kind of fun you can have! In any case, I had a blast planning this Circus Party and I’m sure the birthday girl and her friends had a great time too!

I was at the scrapbook store picking up some supplies when I came across these CLEARANCE sheets of paper, and so with that the party planning began. My mind began running a hundred mph! What a single sheet of scrapbook paper can do to a woman on a mission!


Of course each guest received a popcorn invite with a special ticket with all the party details .

My daughter wanted a princess party but being that she has been to 4 princess parties these past few months, I convinced her that we could have a circus theme with a touch of princess glam. It worked, and boy, was I glad!

With Christmas just passing, I found killer deals on fun garlands! So, when possible, plan your parties in advance, and search for those after holiday sales to find some party treasures!

I used my garlands to drape from the center of my dining room table to give a circus tent feel! My daughter said it was MAGICAL!

It’s a little hard to capture the real feel, but you get the point! I also used my CLEARANCE scrapbook paper to make my very own themed flag banner!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right colors for your party, so I created my own personalized birthday banner!

I fell in love with this idea! A friend was given one similar to this for Christmas…

so with a few yards of colored ribbon, silver christmas tinsel, and a few sheets of scrapbook paper, I was ready to create.

It turned out great for the party, and even after as a banner in her room! Brighten up any party with these easy DIY banners!

Here’s the inspiration.

I took advantage of my fabulous scrapbook finds and used it for my centerpiece.

Simple yet very fit for a 5 year old princess!

My can of finished breadcrumbs became the perfect vase for a bouquet of pink roses, artificial that is.

Tissue balls have been pretty popular lately, and I have had a blast with this new creative outlet!

I used them to hang above the party table and I went a little tissue crazy and topped off the party hats with a burst of color!

I also had a hard time finding the right color for party hats! You know those packages that have 2 of the right color and the rest are a waste!!!!

Well, no fear, because once again my CLEARANCE scrapbook paper came to the rescue!

I thought they were a hit and one of a kind indeed! Of course the birthday girl had her special party hat too!

I love scarfs! These fashion trends are not only for dressing up an outfit. Try using your scarfs to dress-up your tables. I used these to add color and fashion to my buffet and popcorn tables. It was just the right color and added some flair to my ordinary white table cloths.

When planning any kids party, I try to make sure no utensils are needed, less cleanup, less clutter, and definitely more hands on fun!

I used two plates to start off. The pink dessert plate was used for our frame craft! It helped in making sure there was no confusion on who’s supplies were who’s, as well as quickly moving on to other activities.

These frames turned out super cute! We used these as a Thank You for our guests, with a special picture of them inserted!

Here is the completed project!


Food is always fun to play with! Again we made sure no utensils were needed and these animals really enjoyed their self serve buffet table!


Mini corn dogs were a big hit! Easy to prep, fit into out circus/carnival theme and just the right size for our little hands!


Popcorn in an old fashioned machine! This is an old family favorite that came in handy! I found these perfect party bags to fit our theme!


I call these choconanas! YUM, were they good! Anything covered in chocolate can be a big hit at any party. These were just slices of bananas dipped in chocolate and placed in the fridge. I couldn’t get enough of these!

Again, CHOCOLATE covered pretzels, decorated with a bit of our colored theme. Oh, and you can’t forget about the animal crackers!


Again my CLEARANCE scrapbook paper was used to personalize our drinks! No one lost their cup, thank goodness! If you’re a scrapbook fanatic, then you may have some awesome decorative punches just as my sister-in-law does. So, once again, I raided her scrapbook supplies and enjoyed punching just about everything to decorate and label with.

COTTON candy!

These were my favorite!! Kiddie Jello Shooters with a stick of cotton candy. YUMMY! We chose to have this fun dessert over the traditional birthday cake! No one cared, except for cousin Becca,”Where’s the cake?” They were the perfect size for our little guests and the cotton candy was a BIG hit!

Who needs cake anyways? Not when you have these cute kiddie shooters! Oh, and Heidi’s silver demitasse spoons were a perfect fit and really cute!


So this was an idea I thought was perfect, in order to help keep control of the treat distribution at the game stations. Maybe because of the years I have worked with children,  I always need order when it comes to a large group of them. I used this same idea for our Polar Express party which worked great for crowd control!

A hula hoop with a few flames glued to it became our Ring of Fire! Children had to throw the STUFFED lion through the hoop. What a blast!

A classic and DIY game! Pin the Nose on the Clown was a must! Have fun making your own clown too, I did!

Other games we played were the fish bowl toss. Place Swedish Fish candies in bowls, to also share as treats, or you can venture into supplying REAL gold fish! We also played a bean bag toss, and a fun group game I call the Lion chases the Ring Master. Similar to duck, duck goose – just altered to our circus theme. They loved it!

The activities didn’t end there! My daughter loves to dance so we had to express ourselves with some fun music. Look at what music can make the body do!

Now, one of the earlier activities was dressing up as clowns. We requested on the invite that everyone come in their best clown outfit. I just made sure no one was left out and supplied funny homemade ties for everyone to wear. They were really cute, lot’s of fun, and super easy if you have a sewing machine!

Don’t those ties just brighten up the moment?

Photo Booth!

Last, but not least, we had a photo booth. This popular activity seems to be providing lot’s of fun at all kinds of parties, from kid parties to fabulous weddings and I think it’s the GREATEST idea to hit the party scene! It’s the perfect opportunity to capture those precious memories.

If your limited on space or materials to make a booth, no worries and no excuses. I simply hung white material (a sheet would work great too!) against a wall! It was the perfect photo backdrop. I also had a basket filled with a variety of dress-up clothes. Some ideas can be funny glasses, a clown nose, a feathered boa, ties, scarves etc.

Here’s another photo clip of some little gals clownin’ around!

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!


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