3 for 1 Asian Theme Party

Tackle three parties with one centerpiece!

February was a busy month. Party plans were back to back, and I was a little worried I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off by making each celebration special for my family. I was on the verge of just putting the party details in my Gala book of ideas for next time, but my one lifesaver centerpiece brought it all together!

One Centerpiece… 3 Parties!

I just love how this simple centerpiece made my life so much easier. Three parties were conquered in less than a month…and I didn’t break the bank either!

This centerpiece was initially for my annual Chinese New Year family dinner. Instead of the traditional Chinese red and gold theme, I tried a fun Asian themed feel with my take on a Japanese Cherry Tree branch with pretty blossoms.

Once again, a walk down to the creek led me to the perfectly curved shaped branch. All I did was gather some tissue paper and glue them on to create that cute blossom. It brought all the party details together…for all three parties!

Chinese New Year Celebration

After setting the table for our family dinner my daughter asked, “Mom, why does China like pink so much?” This was the perfect opportunity to teach her a little more about this celebration and why we as Americans even acknowledge their traditions. My hopes are that my daughters are aware of what’s on the other side of the world and appreciate and respect other cultures.

Take a look here at my Asian Themed Party details!

A Baby Blessing

Our new little miracle was blessed. This was Ireynn’s first celebration so I wanted to make sure it was special. Thanks to my Asian themed centerpiece, I was able to make her blessing luncheon have that extra touch of love. All I did was add a new color and HOORAY for another party down!

Take a look here at my Baby Blessing Celebration details!

Japanese Tea Party

As a family we talked about skipping a themed birthday this year, and enjoying a fun day out with family and a friend. Well, I tried hard to stick to that plan but once again the party gal within won the battle and this third party became the charm!

Take a look here at my Japanese Tea Party details!

Happy Multiple Party Planning!


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