Patty is Committed!

When I found out about this, I promised Patty this would be our first story in the Gala Gossip section, which is where we want to be able to give you a little more of the behind the scenes stories, or teasers for upcoming plans. If you’ve seen Patty’s great article about her cute idea for her Blue and Brown Mod party, then you already know about the secret I’m going to share!

Patty is certifiably crazy!

Yes, I said it out loud for the world to know, she really is crazy, and that is absolutely part of why I just love her!

If you’ve seen ANY of our other party ideas, you’ll know that we love to use Paper Punches to bring fun shapes to our Invitations, labels, favors, Thank You’s and whatever else. I have a larger selection of punches and am frequently lending them to Patty. She planned this cute party as a Surprise for my Birthday, and in order to keep it a surprise, she didn’t want to ask to borrow my punches but had some of the shapes in her head to bring into her theme. So … instead of creating an excuse or lie like any normal person would do, or even asking my husband to get them for her, or even stealing them when I’m not home (she has a key afterall) … she decided to cut out each and every paper detail shape by hand the good, old fashioned way, with scissors!! Yes, you just had that moment I did when I found out, yep, she’s crazy! She hand cut every flower, every scallop, every circle you see in all her cute pictures … so next time you have a cute shape you want to incorporate into your party, grab your scissors, the sky is the limit! OR … go on a fun shopping trip to your favorite craft store and do yourself a favor and buy a big oversized Paper Punch, or better yet, beg, borrow, or steal some from a friend! Because they really are some of my favorite toys for bringing in the details for any party!

But I will say, after I got over the initial shock of how much time and effort she had to put into making a party in my honor, so stinkin’ adorable¬† … I really did appreciate that she cared enough to be that crazy for me!

Thanks Patty for making my Birthday and Surprise party so special, hopefully I can return the favor someday, but with a tad less effort, Love you!


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