Night Owl Pajama Party

Guess Whoo’s Staying Up Late? This party is a “Hoot!”

Night Owl Pajama Party

Suddenly, I started seeing Owls everywhere I went and could not get Owls off the brain, so I knew I had to start planning an “Owl” themed party!

The hardest part was actually narrowing down my many ideas. I knew I wanted to do a party with owls, but should it be for a Baby Shower? A Birthday Party? A Girls Night? A Slumber Party?

I have three little girls, so I decided to do a combined “Little Girls Night” for them and a few friends. I was originally thinking of doing a Slumber Party, but decided to simplify and have a “Late Night” Pajama Party! Also, we decided to host the party the weekend before Back to School as sort of an end of summer, Back to School party! But this could be a cute theme for a Baby Shower, Birthday, Valentine’s? Or Just Because!

Now that I had narrowed down the purpose of my party, I could focus on colors and style.

When I found this art print at Target, I knew exactly how I wanted my party to look, this was my Inspiration for the style and colors. Bright and whimsical Owls were going to be so fun and cute to play with!

Every good party for me starts with a great Invitation, it really sets the mood and this party was no exception! I wanted the girls to know how fun this was going to be, and really get them excited about something special.

To make this invitation, I started by sketching out my plans for the main owl body and designed it to fill up most of my 6″x6″ invite. I then used that template to cut out each body as well as the wings by hand. I used a jumbo scalloped circle punch for the tummy, and large and medium circle punches for the eyes. I actually used a leaf punch for the beak. I printed the “Guess Whoo’s Staying Up Late?” tags on Vellum to layer. I used buttons for the eyes, and snaplets to attach the wings so they could “flap.” Once I played around with options and figured out my final design, they were EASY to duplicate. My girls even helped make the invites and loved picking and mismatching their colors and papers. All the details were printed on the back of the Invitation… and I LOVE the way they turned out.

This is what the back of the Invitation said:


You are Invited to a

Night Owl Pajama Party

Meet at the Maloy’s Nest

on Friday, August 19th at 7pm

for Fun, Food, and Friends!

We”ll Bring You Home About 11…

It’s Going to Be a Hoot!!

I wanted a special welcome for my guests, so I made this door sign using the same template for the Owl that I created for the Invitation and more cute scrapbook papers. This party IS going to be a ‘Hoot!’

Since we were having a Pajama Party late night with a Slumber Party feel, I decided to display some of the snacks on what looked like a made up bed. I used a headboard I happened to have available to set my “bed.” I topped a foldable table with a comforter and layered it with pillows, including an owl pillow from Target and backed it all up with the art from Target that started it all. (I actually borrowed the Art and Owl pillow from a friend who decorated her daughter’s room in an Owl theme! Friends are the best for keeping your budget low!)

My “menu” was inspired by traditional Slumber Party treats… Candy, soda, popcorn, and cupcakes of course!

I had decided to anchor all my fun, bright colors with a rich chocolate brown, so simple brown plates and bowls from IKEA became my serving pieces.

What a Hoot!

It was so fun to plan all the little details of this party. I pretty much kept all the decorations to two spaces. The snacks in ‘bed’ and the dining table and hutch. It’s really easy to go overboard when planning a fun party for kids, but if you keep your attention focused, it’s a great way to keep your budget smaller and your impact bigger!

At the same time I became obsessed with the Owl idea, I also fell in love with these penant banners, they are everywhere! I used some more cute scrapbook paper in my colors and cut them into triangles. Then I simply sewed the edges onto some grosgrain ribbon and strung them in the entryway to my dining room for a grand entrance. I also created a shorter banner to hang on the hutch to bring the two elements together.

I loved creating the elements to decorate my table. I used my stack of scrapbook paper to bring all my colors and ideas together with fun pops of color and mismatched but coordinating patterns. (In case you care, the paper is found in a stack from American Crafts, which was great because they also had coordinating ribbons 🙂 Even if you don’t find this stack, buying a “Stack” or scrapbook paper is a great way to easily coordinate your color or theme and have plenty of paper to play with! I find great ‘Stacks’ at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby and they are frequently 50% off, even better!

With so many patterns and colors, I wanted to keep my centerpiece to a bit of a minimum and highlight one of my creative themed treats… Owl Cupcakes! I used a Wrought Iron candle holder that I found on Clearance to showcase my Owl cupcakes. This kind of piece is a great multipurpose piece, because you can top it and dress it in so many ways. I’ve already topped mine with cupcakes, candles, ornaments, cookies… So fun!

And under that centerpiece, I have a great table runner. It cannot get easier than this. It’s just two scrapbook papers taped together. One sheet is cut in half to create the edges. Just think of the possibilities!

I decided to keep the fun of the settings in the design details, and not in having too many elements. I used the IKEA plates topped with mismatched orange and pink napkins topped with awesome twisty straws I found. I used the decorated “Hoot” Beer bottles all on top of the SUPER cute placemats I made!

I think they are a “Hoot!”

I will admit, I think the ‘placemats’ are some of my favorite things from the whole party. Like the invitations, I played around with my punches to create little owls. Believe it or not, these cute little owls are made almost completely from three circle punches! Abigail, my ten year old, was my official Owl creator. She loved these so much, she just kept making me more and more, and I kept finding more places to put them. Also, if you aren’t punch happy like me, you can simply print out a cute owl from digital kits you can find online. Here is a link to my favorite source for digital party printables at FlipChickDesigns and here is her Owl Party printables with the perfect colors for an Owl party in the Fall.

I made a custom placemat for each of the girls. I just used a 12×12 scrapbook sheet for the background and built the design on top. A simple border near the bottom, topped with their name printed on vellum. The key was our cute punched Owl design on each one. To make them last a little longer, I laminated each of them too! The best part is that they helped with the decor, served as place cards, made cleanup a snap, and was a great personalized favor to take home! The girls loved them!

What a cute and simply adorable table!?

I had snacks set up on my “bed” but I set up more snacks on my buffet in the dining room and it turns out this was a fun area to decorate and a great place for presentation!

One of the simplest decorating details I did was this backdrop for my treats. I almost can’t believe I’ve never done it before. I simply set cute sheets of the coordinating cardstock in the little plate grooves at the back of my buffet hutch. It was the perfect and most easy backdrop!

I used my cute American Crafts paper (Thanks Shannon for that find and for letting me steal more 😉 to create my penant banners and signs to decorate my treats display!

This area looked cute enough to eat, and the girls couldn’t wait to get plate fulls of their favorite treats!

If you notice the “pedestal” plates holding the Cupcakes and Caramel Corn? One of the easiest tricks to making your food displays more interesting is to create varying heights in all sorts of creative ways. But I wanted to point these out as one of the easiest tricks to creating raised ‘pedestal’ plates, just stack your plate on an upside down bowl! My IKEA set of dishes supplied the plates for the table, the bowls for the candy dishes, and even created my raised plate displays. Just think of what you can do with your own everyday dishes?!

I admit, I thought I was very clever when I came up with the idea to serve “Hoot” Beer!

It’s always more fun to serve Soda in a bottle and seems more special to a group of cute little girls, and more fun to decorate for me. I got a 6 pack of IBC Root Beer (and Cream Soda for variety 😉 and went to work making my own labels. It’s just another strip of scrapbook paper topped with our favorite punched out Owl designs! And I think they turned out pretty stinking adorable!

What a “Hoot!”

Even though I was keeping my food prep to a minimum, I had to make some cute Owl cupcakes!

These are simply classic Vanilla cupcakes topped with a Chocolate Buttercream. For the decorations, I used Oreos, split open for the eyes topped with green M&M’s, and another yellow M&M for the beak. I used a few sliced almonds to create some feathers too! They were a big hit!

My family loves Caramel Corn and while it may not be an obvious choice for an Owl theme, Popcorn does fit perfectly into a Little Girls Late Night. They were cute as individual servings in paper muffin liners!

Here is my favorite Caramel Corn recipe!

Caramel Corn

2 sticks butter

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 LARGE bowl of popped corn

In large saucepan combine butter, sugar, and corn syrup. Bring to boil over medium heat stirring constantly. Cook and stir until caramel in color, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add baking soda, stir well. Then pour caramel over popped corn in large metal bowl (won’t stick or melt like a plastic bowl). Mix well with Silicone spatula and turn out onto wax paper (or I like to use my Silpat mats). Sprinkle with Kosher salt to taste. Quickly separate with a fork.

I made my Caramel corn and cute cupcakes, but the rest of our fun snacks were out of a bag!

Lately, I’ve been having fun finding candy to match whatever colors I’m using for my party. You’ll be surprised what you can find in the candy aisles of your favorite grocery store, and stores with Bulk bins are even more fun!

To add a little salty to our sweet, we had pretzels which were Owl “eyes.” And some Roasted Peanuts which  just seemed to fit too! These jelly beans fit our color scheme perfectly!

Sour Gummy Worms!

Jelly Beans! You can get Jelly Beans or Jelly Belly’s in any color you want, and to match any theme!

The cute members of the Night Owl Pajama Club had a “hoot” of a time!

Some of the cutest ‘Night Owls’ I know!

Night “Owl” Activities!

It wasn’t just about the food. We watched a movie and created their own “Owl” inspired favors to take home!

What does every Night Owl need when they are done partying? A good night’s sleep…

So we made ‘Owl’ Sleep Masks!

This was hard for me, because while I had my own ideas of how to make them, I just supplied different colors of felt and some scissors and let them have at it! And of course, they loved it that way! They designed their masks however they wanted, and simply glued the pieces together. I sewed on the elastic while they watched their movie! They may not have been my design, but I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

I found these Owl Charms at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to do something with them. I stamped “I Am a Hoot” on Stamping Blanks with a Metal Stamp Set that I received as a Birthday present. I found the charms, stamping blanks, as well as the Ball Chains that we put them on all at Hobby Lobby. I stamped the blanks, but the girls put all the pieces together, and they loved making and wearing their new Owl charm necklaces!

One last project for the Night Owls.  We used the same felt from the Sleeping Masks and designed and cut out our own miniature felt Owls.

Add some googly eyes, and a hair clip to the back, and we have some fabulous Hair Clips!

And just in case you need even more ideas…

Here are some more ideas I had for either activities with the kids, or to make ahead and use as favors…

*Owl shaped Pillows

*Owl fabric Pillowcases

*Owl fabric pajama bottoms

*Owl appliquéd T-Shirts

*and any other cute Owl project you can think of!?

And for more ideas for cute treats? What about decorating some cute Owl Sugar Cookies? or Owl Cake Pops?

Yoo-Hoo! This party really was a “Hoot” to Plan, and a “Hoot” to Host!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to plan your own “Hoot”inanny!


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