Light and Bright Easter Table

Set Your Easter Table with Light and Bright Colors this Year!

Light and Bright Easter Table

This year, as I was planning my Easter table, I decided I wanted it to be fun and full of whimsy! So I ditched the usual light pastel colors, and opted for a brighter version of the traditional Easter colors. I looked for ways to add Spring and whimsy wherever I could. Here’s what I ended up with, and how you can too, and all on a very light budget!

My Place Settings

To keep my budget light, but my table bright, I used a lot of fun paper elements. I found most of my decor for this table at my local Dollar Store, and Wal-Mart for under $1.50 each! I loved these paper plates not only for their color, but that they were square, and not the expected round. I simply layered a Spring Green dinner plate with a Pink ‘Salad’ plate on top. They matched perfectly to my bright striped napkins I found, topped with yellow plastic utensils.

I decided along with the bright colors, I wanted Spring flowers to be another theme at this table. I brought that in with the flower ring around my Egg place holder. I simply set my glasses on foam flowers, that I used as coasters. And I also created a flower silhouette inside my glasses which also added some height and more color to my fun table.

To create these fun place holders, I first dyed hard boiled eggs in pretty solid pastels to match my table. I created an Egg ‘cup’ with a bright pastel striped scrapbook paper, that I picked because of it’s tie to my stripe napkins. I simply cut strips from my paper and rolled them into a cylinder shape (sizing them to hold the eggs) and taped the ends together. For the ring, I punched a scalloped circle out of my favorite Jumbo punch, and then punched a smaller circle from the center to fit on top of the egg, these were so easy and SO cute!

For my glasses, I found these smaller than average glass flutes, and thought they were so adorable, I couldn’t resist. To make them pop, I simply opened and layered two contrasting color paper napkins. I bunched them together in the center and stuffed them into the glass, fluffing the tops to fan out reminiscent of a flower. These turned out to be simply one of my favorite elements on the table.

My Centerpiece

For my centerpiece, I wanted to create a usual floral centerpiece in an unusual way. I found three bunches of bright flowers in a local craft store. I then pulled most of the buds off the stems and mixed them up, so that I had three varied bunches with the three colors all mixed up.

For the vases for my arrangements, I found three tall cylinder glass vases and decided to dress them up. I cut strips from my striped scrapbook paper (that matched my egg cups) and a wider bright pink to layer them. I simply wrapped my vase in the strip of pink and taped the ends. I then wrapped the stripe on top, and taped the ends. I then wrapped both with a green ribbon and tied a bow. To hide the plastic stems and bring in more color, I filled the vases with shredded paper ‘grass,’ a fun way to bring in a traditional Easter element in a different wayl. I placed my vases on more foam flower coasters for more color, whimsy, and to tie it all together.

To round out my centerpiece, I surrounded my three vases with three little tin blue buckets, each filled with a different traditional Easter candy: Malted Eggs, Jelly Beans, and Chocolate Eggs. Everyone loves a centerpiece they can get into, appetizer anyone?

I simply surrounded my vases and buckets with clusters of more dyed hard boiled eggs, who doesn’t love an edible centerpiece!?

The Kids Table

I even created a coordinating, but unique fun table for the kids. Just because they are relegated to the ‘kids’ table, doesn’t mean they can’t have a fun table too!?

These three little ones happened to be all boys, so I combined more of the ‘cooler’ Easter colors; blue, green, and yellow for pop! I used a bright fabric remnant for the ‘tablecloth.’ I layered my blue square paper plates with a green paper napkin, topped with yellow foam flowers and a dyed egg. Combine that with yellow utensils, and clear plastic punch cups and their table turned out simply special. And they loved that they had their very own special little table!

Fun Favors

We created these fun favors for each of the kids to take home with them, and have sweet memory of our Easter together. Simply wrap clean cans with cute scrapbook paper and tie with a ribbon. Fill with your favorite Easter treats, and enjoy!

Have a Bright, & Happy Easter!


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