Simply Celebrate Life!

Everyone Loves Patty!!

We Love Patty, But We Love That Others Are Finding Her Too!!

I happened to stumble onto another cute blog that happened to feature Patty’s Article/Idea for her Father’s Day Fish Fry!

It’s No Secret here at The Gala Gals that we think that Patty is a genius! But I love when other people find out about and appreciate her genius too!

I think more of our MOST Popular parties are Patty’s creations…

But when I found someone who was nice enough to share Patty’s genius on her website, I was just so excited I wanted to share!

I also want to share the love and let you see The Happy Home Fairy‘s Ideas for Fathers Who Are a ‘Reel’y Great Catch!


About thegalagals

We are two sisters who firmly believe that Life is made up of memorable moments, and we intend to Simply Celebrate as many as possible! And we'd love to inspire you to Simply Celebrate Your Life too!

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