Elegant Easter Table

Elegant Ideas for Your Easter or Spring Table

I wanted to have a very Classy, Elegant, Earthy and subdued theme for this Easter table.

By pulling together things I already have, and few specific colors and themes, this table comes together simply beautifully!

Place Settings

I kept my place settings simple and elegant to match my table. I used my Square porcelain plates as a base, topped with a green salad plate to bring in that beautiful earthy green color. I used my heirloom silver, and a beautiful crystal goblet to keep it refined.

To decorate each place setting, and to use as a place holder I created these beautiful flowers, reminiscent of a full Peony. First, I dyed hard boiled eggs in a beautiful Robin’s Egg blue, and then wrote each guests Initial on it with a silver Sharpie marker. That would let each guest know they were special, as well as where to sit.

To create my “Peony,” I used coffee filters, yes, that’s right, coffee filters. I cut scallop borders into the filter circles, by folding them a little like you would to cut a paper snowflake. Then I layered (and crumpled) a stack of the filters to form the layers of petals. I secured them together using a simple brad, and fluffed them up a little. I think they turned out quite beautiful. By using my ‘flowers’ as nest for my dyed eggs, it brought in the simple natural elements I was looking for.


Instead of just doing one central centerpiece, I pulled together different natural elements down the full center of the table.

To create a foundation for my centerpieces and pull together my colors, I created a table runner using a lightly whimsical print with my robin’s egg blue color, bordered by a fresh, earthy green and bound with a deep chocolate brown. I loved this runner so much, that I’ve found many other uses for it as well. If you can sew a straight line, you can easily sew together a runner for yourself. If not, you can always buy one, or even just use a folded fabric remnant as a runner.


I have these two tall, but smaller cake cake pedestals that became the perfect house for my “nests.” Inside the cake dome, I used green moss from the craft store to form my own nest. I filled my nest with some speckled eggs that I also got at the craft store, and even a few malted eggs to vary the sizes. You could also dye and speckle your own eggs.

I created these beautiful smaller nests but filling glass pillar candle holders with more green moss, and filling those with small blue eggs that I handpicked from a bag of Malted eggs.

Branching Out

For my main centerpiece, I wanted to create some height and drama, but sometimes tall, large centerpieces can take away from the conversation at the table by getting in the way. I decided some fresh cut branches, would create the height, bring in the natural but be airy enough to keep my table light and simple.

To make my branches a little more special, I punched butterflies out of coordinating cardstock paper and glued them to my branches for a little color, and whimsy. It would be fun to glue on paper punched flowers as well, but I was letting the branches create my simple and artistic natural silhouette.

Sparkle and Shine

Another recurring element for me was my use of clear glass and crystal which created an ethereal sparkle and added a simple sophistication.

By combining my center branch piece, with my cake pedestal nests, with the beautiful glow of candelight, my nature inspired table came alive. Another key for this table for me was the varying heights, I created interesting “lines” by using different heights up and down my table.

Looking up the center of this table, you can see the varied simplicity and interest. I love the pops of muted blues and greens against a very neutral backdrop. I used a creamy linen tablecloth for it’s elegance and simplicity as much as a natural soft textural base.

For a perfect Nature inspired Dessert menu, check out our Easter Dessert article too!

Each place is set especially waiting my guests, my favorite friends and family are worth every glorious detail!

I hope you can use any or all of these ideas to create your own nature inspired Elegant Spring table!

Happy Easter!


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