All About ‘Pop!’ Father’s Day Party

How about showing your favorite ‘Pop’ you love him with a party all about ‘Pop!’

Celebrate Father’s Day with an All About ‘Pop’ Bar!

I was excited that my Dad was going to be in town for Father’s Day, and was trying to figure out how to celebrate and make it a little bit special. I knew I wanted to keep it light and fun but didn’t have a ‘theme’ to pull my ideas together… until I was talking to Patty and the ‘Pop’ Party was born! (She inspires some of my best ideas!) Naturally, we were immediately on the same page and then the immediate problem was to reign in the tidal wave of ideas.

Theme and Colors

It’s always easier for me to keep focused when I have a theme and colors. I knew I was going to play on the word ‘Pop.’ But what colors? I decided on Blue and Green, but when I found this Scrapbook paper I decided that while Blue and Green would be my main colors, it might be fun to have a few pops of Orange too. In thinking ‘Pop,’ I had bubbles and balloons in my head so Polka Dots seemed to fit that idea as well. I decided to keep all my decorations confined to the dessert/snack bar and mostly in the colors of the treats and labels. Easy!

It’s All About ‘Pop!’

I knew since I was keeping the focus on my ‘Pop’ Bar, I wanted a fun backdrop. I originally thought of using scrap or wrapping paper, but then, I had the best idea and one of my favorite details from this party! ‘Pop!’ My kids love to pop Bubble Wrap. So I lined my back wall with green wrapping paper and then covered it with a roll of Bubble Wrap! I love the way the green peaks through the plastic, but it was SO fun to add the texture and play of light and subtle bubble design. My Dad is an artist and I knew he would appreciate the funky idea, and I was right, it was one of the first things he noticed!

All ‘Pop’ Snacks and Treats

Drink Pop!

Soda Pop was one of the first things to ‘Pop’ in my head, and a must for this treat bar.

Soda Pop

I knew I wanted glass Soda Bottles and was excited when I found a Six Pack of Jones Sodas in exactly the colors I wanted in fun flavors too… Green Apple, Blue Lemonade, and Cream.

Simply print your own labels and they were a fun, easy addition.

Not only was I inspired by all things ‘Pop’ but I wanted to incorporate things that I knew my Dad loved too. My Dad loves Floats (Soda Pop and Ice Cream), so along with the Soda Bottles, I had other Sodas and Ice Cream and Sherbets for a ‘Make Your Own Float or Freeze’ Bar.

To make the Floats/Freezes easily, I had these fun Soda Shop Glasses complete with long spoons ready to go!

Freezer Pops

Freezer ‘Pops,’ so easy and a fun way to bring in more of my colors!

You know while I tried to keep this treat bar easy, I still had to make a couple fun treats!

Put a treat on a stick, and we have Treat ‘Pops!’

Cookie Pops

I made my favorite Snickerdoodles, but instead of just rolling them in Cinnamon Sugar, I rolled them in Cinnamon and Blue Sugar and baked them on a sucker stick. Voila – Cookie Pops!

I think these were my favorite!

Rice Krispie Pops

What else could I turn into a ‘Pop?’ Of course I had to use the cereal that ‘Snap, Crackle, and Pops!’ I made Rice Krispie Treats. While the mix was still warm, I formed them into balls, and put them on a sucker stick… Easy! But I’m still kicking myself for missing an opportunity to bring in more of my colors, I should have dipped them into Sprinkles, oh well, you can learn from my Oops and dip yours into Sprinkles!!

‘Pop’ of Color

I had fun making labels for all my serving pieces. It’s an easy way to incorporate my color and theme with my White Porcelain serving pieces.

Caramel ‘Pop’Corn

We ALL love Caramel ‘Pop’Corn, so of course that had to be one of our treats!

But you can make any kind of ‘Pop’Corn you like: Kettle, Butter, Cheese, Glazed??

Pop Tarts

I’m not sure if anyone ate these, but I had to include them. And naturally, I had to get Blueberry to go with my theme!

Pop Candy

I had to include some fun candy in our treat bar, and there are some fun ‘Pop’ Candy to include!

Pop Treats!

I found these cute tins in my perfect colors to hold my Pop Candies, embellished with some simple printout labels!

Ring Pops

Of course, this was one of the kids favorites and gone so fast, I took them out of their packages just because I thought they looked better that way and fit my colors better too.

Here are Claire and Zach showing off their Ring Pops in Blue and Green of course!

I don’t remember which kid started this but it was a big hit, they dipped their Ring Pop into their Pop Rocks … Yum!

Pop Rocks

I HAD to have Pop Rocks and even made a special trip to a couple different stores to find these. And I was even more excited to find them in Blue and Green too!

Tootsie Pops

What ‘Pop’ Candy Bar would be complete without Tootsie Pops? How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Here are a couple shots of our ‘Pop’ Bar!

There was no lack of Sugar at this Celebration of ‘Pop!’

I love these Colors and the way this turned out! It was a fun way for my kids to celebrate with their Dad, their Grandpa, and even their favorite Uncle Sonny!

Claire, Zachary, and Caitlyn … Happy Father’s Day!

My ‘Pop!’

The kids weren’t the only ones who lit up at the sight of a Dessert Bar full of ‘Pop’ treats!

Here is my favorite Dad! I was SO lucky to be able to spend this Father’s Day with him since we live a few states away from each other.

My Dad is funny, and talented, and giving, and hard working, and caring, and styling, and artsy fartsy, and intelligent, and amazing, and…

And he’s the best because he’s mine!

Pop Menu

And just because I’m just that silly, since I had ‘Pop’ on the brain, I couldn’t stop with just my Dessert ‘Pop’ Bar. The whole day of menus was inspired by ‘Pop!’

‘Pop’py Seed Muffins

For Breakfast, I made Almond ‘Pop’py Seed Muffins!

Chicken ‘Pop’ Pies

I started pulling out some of my Favorite Cookbooks for some Menu Inspiration and didn’t even get past the cover of this one! Williams-Sonoma Cookbooks are my favorite!

I thought this looked so good, I figured I would share this pic with you. Even now, while my daughter looked over my shoulder at this photo, she asked if we could make this for dinner tonight!

Instead of making one large ‘Pop’ Pie, I decided to serve Individual ‘Pops.’

Here is the yummy filling before the crust, full of Roasted Chicken and lot’s of good vegetables… Peas, Carrots, Onions, Leeks, and Mushrooms.

I’m not a fan of the soggy pie crust on the bottom, I’d rather have the flaky top crust made with Puff Pastry!

Look how amazing it was when I dug into the crust for that first bite!

So get your creative juices flowing and have some fun showing your ‘Pop’ how much you love him this Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to ALL my Favorite ‘Pops’ and Yours too!


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