Party in a Pinch

Our easiest, simply special Party idea yet!


Party in a Pinch!

My daughter’s birthday was coming up, and at first I was planning an over the top “Girls Rock” party, but then I realized it wasn’t her turn for a BIG party. With four kids, we decided that they only get a big, “friend” party every other year, or I’d being be doing parties all the time (not that I would mind that too much ;). Her birthday was on a Tuesday, so we planned a fun filled family day for the Saturday before her birthday. So, when Tuesday came around, she wasn’t expecting anything. But I decided I wanted to surprise her and show her that her day was still special, and everyone needs a little cake on their birthday. So what started with making some cupcakes turned into a little more, and I threw together this cute idea, quite literally at the last minute. Naturally, I thought of sharing this with you, it would be perfect as a “Party in a Pinch” idea! Whether it’s a last minute impromptu Birthday celebration, Girls Night, Shower, meeting, or even just for an impromptu family get together… here are my ideas in pulling a simple idea together to make it more special (and even appear like you put in much more work than you actually did!) This is also a great place to start for those of you who love our ideas, but still think they take more work, money, time,  than you want to invest…

These beautiful flowers were my inspiration for the whole thing, which came together literally in one trip to the grocery store. I needed a couple last minute ingredients for Isabelle’s chosen birthday dinner, and I stumbled on these flowers. I thought Isabelle would love coming home from school to some flowers just for her. And as soon as I put them in my cart, the ideas started flowing. The colors inspired me to use them as a centerpiece, and make a little impromptu Birthday celebration a little more special by incorporating everything into a classic Red and White theme. (You could use any fresh bunch of flowers in any colors to inspire you and incorporate the same ideas for any color theme!)

I had just bought this cute porcelain bowl a couple weeks earlier, thinking it would be fun to change out the ribbon for different events. It happened to work perfectly for this, so I filled it with red and “white” wrapped chocolates for a super simple treat that matched perfectly to my theme (without any effort).

I also pulled out a couple other white serving pieces to tie my table together easily… white bowl, platter, cake stand, and pitcher – done!

Once I got my Red and White theme in my head, the elements came together easily. I grabbed a bag of Red Licorice to add another effortless treat, and pop of color! The kids loved it! I also took a cue from my Porcelain bowl wrapped in red ribbon, to “tie” in another simple element. So I tied some red ribbon on a white pitcher to hold my flowers, and another ribbon on a pitcher for my milk. Also, I raided my supply of scrapbook paper, to bring some more elements of Red and White. By simply lining up three papers under my serving pieces, it gave me another pop of color and a backdrop for my desserts.

What would a birthday be without cake? These came together SO easily, and yet, they turned out SO cute… and they only took me as long as it takes to bake some cupcakes!

To bring in my red and white theme, I used Red cupcake liners (which I happened to have leftover from Christmas, Score!) and a white Vanilla Buttercream frosting. I was simply going to sprinkle them with some red sprinkles, when I remembered I had some leftover Red melting Chocolate wafers to play with. I pulled out a cute candy Flower mold, I melted the wafers right in the mold in the microwave for about a minute, and then popped them in the fridge. These couldn’t have been easier, and were the perfect decoration for my cupcakes.

Since this was all about keeping it cute, but simple, I made my cupcakes straight from a Box, but topped them with my favorite Buttercream recipe.

Vanilla Buttercream

In a bowl, beat together 1 cup butter, 3 1/2 cups powdered sugar, and 1/8 teaspoon salt, until blended.

Then add 1 teaspoon milk, and 1 teaspoon pure Vanilla extract, and beat another 3-5 minutes until smooth.

In keeping with my colors, I was originally thinking a red punch, when I realized that I just want milk with my cupcakes! The color works perfectly, I love when the answer is the simplest solution. Pour some milk in a pretty pitcher, tie it with a red bow and we had the perfect drink to match my colors and our food.

When you put all these super simple elements together, they looked so cute and fancy but took such little effort really … but Isabelle still felt so special!

By simply putting a little extra thought, and a few minutes of planning, basic cupcakes turn into a real celebration.

So next time you don’t have a lot of time, but want to make your day a little more special… head to the grocery store and see what inspires you!! I pulled this whole little celebration together with what I already had on hand, and less than $10 in one trip to the local grocery store. This is a NO excuse kind of party!

Happy Easy Entertaining Everyone!


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